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figment one preview

Figment #1 – First Look Announcement

Marvel and Disney Kingdoms celebrate the return of Dreamfinder with their upcoming five part miniseries! Here's a quick bite of info on Figment #1!
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Star Wars #6 Cover

Disney Ditches Dark Horse in favor of Marvel

Some things change and some things stay the same. It was announced today by Dark Horse Comics that Disney, the current holder of the Lucasfilm ...
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Kingdom Hearts

Throwback Thursday: Kingdom Hearts

It's Throwback Thursday once more and January is Final Fantasy month.  Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your favourite titles.  First up ...
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Disney Star Wars Lucasfilms

Of Mouse and Man

Barely two weeks ago Disney stunned the nerd world with news of its acquisition of Lucasfilms, the creative benefit of which was almost immediately ...
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Disney to buy Lucasfilm for $4B, New Star Wars films by 2015

Disney has announced today that they have bought Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise from the Master of the Force himself, George Lucas for a ...
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Preview: Steve Thomas’ “POSTALGIA” Opens at Ltd. Art Gallery

Ltd. Art Gallery is precisely targeted at a smart, geeky, pop culture and art loving audience -- and for that we should all be grateful! The ...
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SDCC:Epic Mickey 2 – The Oswald Story

Disney has always been known to do things that are very out of the ordinary.  Trading a human for a cartoon character is Disney's most recent ...
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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Kid’s Costume Event at SDCC

So far, Iron Man 3 has revealed most of its cast, the story it's based off of, and showed off some sweet set pics.  Yet we still have no idea what ...
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“HEY GEEK GIRL!” Art Exhibit Opening

The HEY GEEK GIRL! art exhibition opened this weekend at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The show is guest curated by author, journalist, ...
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FCBD 2012 Bullet Previews #2: All Ages Titles

Here a we go with another round of books being offered as part of this year's Free Comic Book Day! Be sure to check out all of our coverage as well ...
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