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C2E2 2016 Cosplay Gallery Day 2 – Part 1

C2E2 2016 was incredible and full of fab cosplay! Day 2 started hot and heavy at 1000 am and kept fast paced all day. Parking lots started filling by noon but attendees hiked from anywhere and everywhere they could find parking to journey into [...]

March 23, 2016 Cosplay
cover day 1 pt 2

C2E2 2016 Cosplay Gallery Day 1 – Part 2

C2E2 2016 was incredible and full of fabulous cosplay! Day 1 ended with parties, friendships rekindled and created and group cosplay plans for next year already in the works. Part 2 of cosplay photographs from is full of lively [...]

March 22, 2016 Cosplay
comic book

Famous Comic Book Characters that Inspired Games

Many of us were brought up on comics such as those from Marvel and DC Comics. As a result of this, many of the characters from comics have gone on to become truly cult characters that are known all around [...]

March 22, 2016 Games and Gaming

C2E2 Cosplay Gallery – Day 1 Part 1

C2E2, a Reed Pop production and one of the biggest conventions in the Midwest massively prepped community members for the big event 18-20 March! Soirees like the C2E2 Mardi Gras party, C2E2 official beer Galazy Hero launch event and Chicago [...]

March 21, 2016 Cosplay
Green Arrow Fan Film

New “Green Arrow” Fan Film is Awesome!

With the popularity of comics in TV shows and movies, fan films are showing up with better production value than ever. This week, we spotlight a great new short based on the CW show Arrow. Check out the video and [...]

March 16, 2016 Cosplay, Features

SuperSunday: 3/13/16 Superman happenings

No new Supergirl this week, but Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is just around the corner, so I’ve just been watching about an hour’s worth of repeated trailers and previews.  A much bigger Superman release week this week, and [...]

March 13, 2016 Features

SuperSunday: 2/28/16 Superman happenings

SuperSunday is here!  Happy Superman day, everyone!  If the Man of Steel hitting theaters again (against the Dark Knight, no less) in less than a month isn’t exciting enough for you, here are some great reads and small screen adventures [...]

February 28, 2016 Features

Baturday: 2/20/16 Batman happenings

Happy Baturday to all of you loyal Dark Knight aficionados out there on the interwebz!  Another great week to be a Batman fan and another week closer to the official return of Bruce Wayne and the movie release.  Here are [...]

February 20, 2016 Features

DC Rebirth – Not a Reboot

For those of you who read Bleeding Cool (first of all, shame on you) this will come as a surprise to you…  DC is not alienating their fanbase.  In fact, they are doing quite the opposite.  They’re reaching out and [...]

February 19, 2016 News

Baturday: 2/13/16 Batman happenings

What a great week for Batman fans.  Happy Baturday, everyone!  What was your favorite release this week?  Are you into the two off-beat crossovers?  Or the main books with Jim Gordon and/or Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight?  Or how [...]

February 13, 2016 Features
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Arisia 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Arisia, a yearly fan run science fiction and fantasy convention was among some of the first northeast cons for the New Year. The event was held in Boston at the Weston Waterfront Boston Hotel January 15-18, 2016. This event is [...]

February 9, 2016 Cosplay, Features
comics after dark

Comics After Dark: Episode 132 (PODCAST)

Comics After Dark Podcast: Episode 132 – Batman: Bad Blood Comics After Dark Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus) and Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian) THIS EPISODE! We review Robin War, recap Warner Bros. Animated Batman vs Robin and go into our Spoiler Free [...]

February 5, 2016 Features
comics after dark

Comics After Dark: Episode 131 (PODCAST)

Comics After Dark Podcast: Episode 131 – Suicide Squad Trailer NOTE! We had some techincal difficulties so make sure to bear with us! LIVE FROM PHAT CON 2016! Comics After Dark Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus), Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian), Billy The [...]

January 26, 2016 Features

Trimming The Fat: 2016 Edition

Every new year, people make resolutions to change their lives by trimming the fat from their lives. This could mean losing weight, dumping bad significant others, or finally getting that weird mole removed from your shoulder so you can finally [...]

January 25, 2016 Features
Rip Hunter

Who Is Rip Hunter?

This edition of “Who Is …?” will feature Rip Hunter, the time traveling guardian of DC’s time space continuum and the man who marshals together the team that will confront the menace that is Vandal Savage on the CW’s Legends [...]

January 21, 2016 Movies and TV

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