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Image Comic Review: Stray Bullets Killers #4 – spoiled

Stray Bullets Killers #4 David Lapham SPOILER ALERT I will most certainly be SPOILING! Okay. I may be a little dense but this issue is ...
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Image Comic Review: Stray Bullets Killers #1 – Spoiled

SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! For fans of gritty, true crime style stories, I would highly suggest Stray Bullets written ...
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Review: Dial H #6

That China Miéville would take on the superhero comic’s most base qualities just six issues into his first ongoing title takes balls. That he ...
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The Ride: Southern Gothic #1

Review – The Ride: Southern Gothic #1

There is something undeniably cool about an anthology focused on murder, sex, and cars.  It's a very American set of themes, particularly the last ...
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Issues #1-#4

Review/Recap: The Strain #1-4

From the imaginative mind that brought you the popular cult favorites Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade 2 and the Hellboy movies, comes filmmaker Guillermo ...
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We Are Young is an appropriate anthem for many different comic book series'

Music To Read By: We Are Young by fun.

Music means something different to everyone. A song may be meaningless to one, but for someone else, that same song may become irreversibly tied to ...
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The Srain #3 cover art

The Strain #3 Comic Review

The third issue of Dark Horse Comics' adaptation of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan's trilogy of vampire novels The Strain dropped this week. ...
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ROCKETEER ADVENTURES Vol. 2 #1 Coming in March From IDW

IDW returns to The Rocketeer Adventures and they're not alone. A virtual who's who in comics will contribute to the new series. The second ...
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Bullet Reviews #45: Spider-Man, Avengers, Prophet and More!

Each week, we at Comic Booked like to offer some quick reviews of the previous week’s books in hopes of introducing fellow readers to new books, ...
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Review – The New Comic Series “Ferals” Debuts With a Roar!

This last week a new horror series titled Ferals from Avatar Press roared into comic shops.  Ferals is a horror story in the most conventional ...
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