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Thunder Agents

THUNDER Agents Lands a Creative Team

Not too long ago, we mentioned that series T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents was finding a new home at IDW. IDW recently revealed at WonderCon the team that ...
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Colonized #1

IDW Gets Invaded by Aliens and Attacked by Zombies

Yes, you read that right. IDW has a bunch of aliens and zombies showing up soon. No, it's not a Doctor Who or Star Trek series, nor are the ...
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I don't use PGX. I prefer CGC and with that in mind can I be unbiased in this article? Which company has stricter guidelines? Which company is ...
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So you want to be a Comic Book Artist…

The comic book field is bigger than ever with the emergence of the graphic novel as a genuine literary genre. Comic book artists come from a ...
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