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Gene Colan: Comic Book Icon Dies

Daredevil was a side character I never knew about until a comic shop owner informed me about Frank Miller having Daredevil’s best run, this in turn invited me into Daredevil’s past and then I was introduced to Gene Colan. It [...]

June 24, 2011 DO NOT USE, Features
Preview: Daredevil #1

Preview: Daredevil #1

Standing in the aftermath of Shadowland, writer Mark Waid is poised to begin Daredevil’s return to form. Beginning this July in Daredevil #1, Matt Murdock begins the task of retaking New York City. But in the face of changes that [...]

May 26, 2011 DO NOT USE
Cover 38

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38

With “Fear Itself” just released, Age of X halfway done, and the upcoming X-Men “Schism” event it must be easy to over look an annual. I for one always loved the annuals. To me it was an extra long story [...]

April 10, 2011 DO NOT USE


Beta vs. VHS; Blue Ray vs. HD-DVD; Star Wars Vs. Star Trek; and the list goes on. Both CGC and PGX use the same basic principles to encapsulate their books. The following was taken from their own sites. The first [...]

April 5, 2011 Features

Bullet Reviews #6: Daredevil Reborn! Silver Surfer! Neonomicon!

Here we go: DAREDEVIL REBORN #3 (Marvel) Non-stop action, but not a whole lot of story. We finally see a real villain, but the odds are different here. Usually Murdock can handle up on Hand ninjas without little effort, but [...]

March 25, 2011 DO NOT USE
Captain America Reborn

Comic Polity – The Rebirth Phenomenon

With the new Captain America Trailer out, I thought it would be timely to discuss a trend in the Marvel U that I like to call the “Rebirth Phenomenon.”  Now this could be considered the repetitive bringing back of countless [...]

March 24, 2011 Features

Comic Booked March Madness – 2nd Round!!!

Hello fellow Geeks and Dolls! Welcome to the real voting round! This is where the playing field will become statistically level so make sure you make every vote count! Giants will topple, Buffy will face Spider-Man, and many an underdog [...]

March 17, 2011 DO NOT USE

To Read First, Or Collect First?

The first comic book of my collection (not my first comic book itself) was purchased from a 7-11. I can vaguely remember walking into the store because I wanted some chocolate, a slurpee, and to see if the new baseball [...]

February 26, 2011 Features
marvel logo

Marvel Unveils Big Shots!

Marvel continues with it’s onslaught of awesome new releases (not to be confused with their onslaught of Onslaught back in the 90’s) by announcing Big Shots! Big Shots is a new branding initiative to spotlight the relaunch of several of [...]

February 19, 2011 DO NOT USE

Daredevil: The Man Without a Video Game

The character Daredevil is defined by tragedy. Add not having his own video game to that list of tragedies. With big budget Hollywood movies and big name actors based on a popular comic book icon you get a video game [...]

February 4, 2011 DO NOT USE

Comic Closet: Daredevil

Over the years, blind attorney Matt Murdock has worn quite a few different costumes as Marvel Comics’ masked vigilante Daredevil. The Man Without Fear has been protecting Hells Kitchen, NY since 1964; gradually adjusting his costume to fit his needs [...]

January 29, 2011 DO NOT USE

Fans Without Fear Pt 3 –

Following on from our recent interviews with the founders of Daredevil sites from around the web, Comic Booked concluded its Matt Murdock mission by talking to Kuljit Mithra, founder and webmaster of Highly lauded by both of our past [...]

January 29, 2011 DO NOT USE
The Other Murdock Papers

Fans Without Fear Pt 2 – The Other Murdock Papers

Continuing our feature on the very best Daredevil websites around the world, this time round Comic Booked was lucky enough to talk to Christine, responsible for the The Other Murdock Papers. Running the site from her native Sweden, TOMP is [...]

January 28, 2011 DO NOT USE

The Top 5 Enemies of Daredevil

Daredevil has had to tangle with some nasty villains through his tenure defending Hell’s Kitchen.    As you can see pictured, he has even taken on Adolf Hitler!   Every hero needs an arsenal of enemies, so I have compiled [...]

January 25, 2011 Features
The Matt Murdock Chronicles

Daredevil – The Fans Without Fear Pt 1: The Matt Murdock Chronicles

As we reach the end of our month of focusing on Daredevil, the Man Without Fear, we at Comic Booked thought it to be an excellent time to start signposting our dear readers to more resources for Matt Murdock magic [...]

January 22, 2011 DO NOT USE

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