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New from IDW: 5/21/2014

New from IDW: 5/21/2014 7th Sword #2 Back to the ballad of Daniel Cray! With the cyber-sapien having left the rulers of Zanzion to deliberate about what they should do in the face of this impending threat, Kathleen is trying to [...]

May 23, 2014 Reviews

New from IDW: 4/23/2014

New from IDW 7th sword #1 7th Sword is a cyberpunk post space travel science fiction samurai epic. I know, it’s a mouthful right? There appears to be a kind of Mad Max element to the comic, with transient androids [...]

April 27, 2014 Features

Bullet Reviews #53: Raising Hell With Valen and Loki!

Every other week we here at Comic Booked like to take a quick look at a few comics that have graced out comic shelves. We call these little bits of awesome: Bullet Reviews! This week we take a look at [...]

April 17, 2012 Reviews

A Secret Agent and a Deadite Walk into a Bar…

Get yer boomsticks ready boys and girls….Danger Girl and Army of Darkness are headed for a colossal cross over event with the first issue’s impact date for April 2011! So devastating that the Mayans couldn’t even predict this co(s)mic event…Abbey, [...]

February 1, 2011 Reviews