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Genesis Of The Story- Seth Jacob’s The Absolutes

Many of the contributing writers here at Comicbooked are not just comic fans, but we’re also comic creators! It’s one of the many reasons our ...
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Diana Sprinkle’s World: Indie Goodness

Welcome to the world of the weird, wild, and whimsical! By that, I am referring especially to the cheerfully bizarre, one-of-a-kind work of an ...
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Review: Not a Villain

The world has all but ended, and the only way to escape the continual pain and misery of surviving while still connecting with others is a virtual ...
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Zyklon B Page five colored

Creating Your own Comics 101

Have you ever sat down after reading a comic, been totally blown away and thought "Hmm, I would love to be able to create something as great as ...
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Girl Apocalypse

Review: Girl Apocalypse

Guns. Rotting corpses. A deadly infection that has all but wiped out humanity. And one small group of people who are determined to survive. That ...
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Skuds Mckinley Gets Comic Booked!

I had an opportunity to talk to Skuds Mckinley, the artist behind the book I'll Take You To The Moon and Leave You There.   Here's our conversa...
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New Extinct Comic Series Is A Howling Good Time!

One can never tell just where you will be introduced to an amazing comic.  Maybe a book calls to you like a siren’s song from a store shelf.  ...
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