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Nuts and (Crossbow) Bolts: Hawkeye #11

Nuts and Bolts focuses on the craft and work of creating comics. This inaugural column focuses on Hawkeye #11 by Fraction/Aja.
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Creating Comics Pt.1: The Beginning

We all love comic books right?! We spent years dreaming of Batman, Wolverine along with many, many more characters from the first time we could ...
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Creating Your Own Comics 101|Artwork

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Creating Your Own Comics 101. This week we will be looking at the process of artwork. I have worked with and ...
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Creating Your Own Comics 101|How to assemble Your Creative Team

Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of creating your own comics 101 which will cover the basic steps needed to assemble your creative ...
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getting the story down

Creating Your Own Comic 101|Scripting

Hello and welcome to the creating your own comics 101 weekly column. This weeks installment is all about scripting. It doesn’t matter if you are ...
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Brian Michael Bendis Is Writing A Book for Random House

Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has signed a deal to write a book for the publisher Random House. From The Hollywood Reporter: Titl...
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comic art supplies

Creating Comics: The Hunt for a Publisher Or Going Alone

Continuing from part one, in which we hired an artist, now we’re going to need to decide what route we want to take.  Should you seek out a ...
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