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Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Writing Contest Deadline Announced

Hey, folks!  I'm proud to announce the FINAL deadlines for our First Annual Fiction Writing Contest! Get your submissions in NO LATER than: ...
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Yellow Lantern Ghost Rider, by Shawn Langley

The Langley Effect: From Concept to Contest

I am a comic book artist. Well, I will be. I mean, I am, if you count drawing comics and comic characters without ever having anything published. ...
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Matt Byrne - CEO 2

Curicon’s Matt Byrne Gets Comic Booked!

What if there was a place where collectors of just about anything could get together and connect with one another on a deeper more personal level? ...
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Curicon Wants To Send You To NYCC!

Comic Booked is proud to announce that our good friends over at Curicon are trying to send one of YOU lucky readers to New York Comic Con 2012! ...
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New York Comic Con Memories and More Contest!

Hey Comic Booked fans do I have news for you. This weekend is New York Comic Con and like all cons it is going to be a party. We here at Comic ...
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Stan Lee Foundation

Stan Lee: Create a Superhero

Get your entries in today! This is an awesome opportunity. Looking forward to voting on all the amazing entries. Good luck! Receive global ...
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