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Captain America is the new Black

Catchy headline isn’t? Like that featured image?? I made it myself to get your attention. I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of these already this ...
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eternal con pic

Comics Confidential- Eternal Con- Day 2- Cos-Play Madness!

My name is Raphael Moran. Not only am I a writer here at but I’m also a comic creator as well. My first comic series, Dream ...
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The Walking Dead Negan

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoiler: Someone Is Going To Die

The Walking Dead will reportedly kill of one of the major characters early in the fifth season, following the precedent recently set by the comics.
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The Top 5 Comic Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Game

The top 5 comic characters who deserve their own video game These days comics are the source of so much media. We have the movies from Marvel ...
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comic booked 1

New Comic Release List: 5/21/2014

New Comic Release List: 5/21/2014   ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Skyward #7 ANTARCTIC PRESS Gold Digger #210 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIO...
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Future's End

DC Comics’ New-52 ‘Future’s End’ September Lineup

Is this art imitating art?  Is that possible? According to, the issues in DC's New 52 will be taking a five year leap into the ...
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Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: We Want to Publish YOUR Fiction!

That's right!  The First Annual Comic Booked Fiction Writing Contest is officially underway!  If you missed the details, check them out right ...
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God is Dead

Review: God is Dead Full Series

...What the hell did I just read? I volunteered to review Avatar Press' God is Dead #12, which was released May 8th, 2014. Having not read ...
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Fox Announces Gotham TV Series

How long have we been waiting for something like this? According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox announced Monday that television series Gotham is ...
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How DC/Warner Bros Should’ve Handled the Justice League Movie*

Let’s take a trip back, shall we? Had Paramount/Marvel’s 2008 ‘Iron Man’ flopped, just made its budget back, or earned ‘modest’ ...
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