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Ginger Stein: Rise of the Undead Review

Heads up horror fans and fans of the undead, Ginger Stein #1: Rise of the Undead has arrived! Rise of the Undead features classic B-movie violence, ...
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Review – Batgirl #2

I am so glad to see Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl.  It was a long time coming, but I knew that eventually Babs would be back in the cape and ...
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Welcome to the World of the New Comic Series Orchid

During the San Diego Comic-Con, I reported about the new titles that Dark Horse Comics had announced for fall release, here on Comic Booked.  One ...
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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #671

Spider-Island is so good that it looks like it may go down in Marvel history as one of the best Spider-Man crossover events of all-time.  This ...
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cover of Killing Shakespeare #1

Sundance Embraces Kill Shakespeare!

Great news for the creators of Kill Shakespeare, they have been accepted into the prestigious Sundance Story Lab. Creators Anthony Del Col and ...
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Review: Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #2

This series is exactly the sort of thing that I want from a line-wide relaunch of DC Comics.  It's weird, it's crazy, and if you asked me a few ...
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IDW Announces Infestation 2!

An epic crossover event returns with bigger threats, and more franchises! IDW’s second ground-breaking multi-title event kicks off in January ...
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Review – DC Universe Online Legends #15

Brainiac and Lex Luthor have finally done the impossible; they have pushed Superman to his breaking point.  As the Man of Steel cradles the ...
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Review – The Thing: The Northman Nightmare

The Thing, my favorite horror movie of all time, will soon have a prequel released, and with it comes this comic adaptation from horror master, ...
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Review – Huntress #1

Another new number one from DC Comics, but sadly only a limited series.  Huntress joins the new DC universe in a spectacular first issue.  I've ...
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