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Review – Huntress #1

Another new number one from DC Comics, but sadly only a limited series.  Huntress joins the new DC universe in a spectacular first issue.  I've ...
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Comics From The Crypt: Jack Of Fables

This week, instead of looking at a miniseries, we'll take a look at a single issue of a series starring one of comicdom's greatest adventurers of ...
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Phoenix Jones

Real Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Arrested and Released

Phoenix Jones (who has now had his secret identity leaked as Benjamin Fordor by the police) is the most well-known and polarizing figure in the ...
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Bullet Reviews #32: Green Arrow, Secret Avengers, Red Lanterns and More!

This installment is a short one. There were lots of other things going on and it was a pretty small week, but there's something extra at the end ...
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GeekGirlCon logo

I am GeekGirlCon, Hear me ROAR!

Way back at the start of the year, I came across a little card in my LCS for GeekGirlCon.  I checked out their website and instantly became ...
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BR 31

Bullet Reviews #31: Godzilla, Kick-Ass, Red Wing, TMNT and More!

This week's Bullet Reviews cover Godzilla #7, Journey Into Mystery #628, Kick-Ass 2 #4, New Avengers #16.1, Red Wing #3 and Teenage Mutant Ninja ...
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Graphicly and Image Comics are bringing comics to all Android OS devices.

Graphicly and Image Announce Digital Publishing Partnership

Graphicly, a social networking and digital distribution platform for the visual entertainment industry, announced today a partnership with Image ...
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Rock And Shock Horror Convention

Rock And Shock To Make Fans Scream October 2011

Rock And Shock may still be the "young kid on the block"  but it has already become one of the top horror conventions that people from not only ...
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Art by Ariel Zucker-Brull

Seeley’s Hack/Slash Annual Returns in November

Image Comics is celebrating Halloween the right way with a crossover no one expected before. Hitting stores November 2, the Hack/Slash Annual 2011 ...
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Wolverine moves his team back east in Wolverine & The X-Men 1

Enroll In The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning

Following up on yesterday’s art featuring the covers for the first two issues of Wolverine & The X-Men, Marvel is trickling out more and more ...
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