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Hellraiser: Long Live Pinhead, The Hell Priest

Picture from Boom! Comics Hellraiser, written by Clive Barker Art by Tim Bradstreet As a Clive Barker fan, I love Hellraiser. From the novella it was based on, The Hellbound Heart, to the first four movies, especially Hellraiser and Hellbound: [...]

May 27, 2016 comics

Exlibrium from Bubble Comics- Action Meets Comedy Meets Slice-of-Life

I recently got to read Exlibrium, a cool comic from Bubble Comics, a Russian publisher. Exlibrium’s art is done by Ozich, and the writer of the comic is Natalia Devova. Victoria Kim provides the cover art, which is not only beautiful [...]

May 19, 2016 Features, Interviews, Small Press
Tsum Tsums

Marvels Inside Looks: Tsum Tsum Issue 1

The global phenomenon is coming to the Marvel Universe, and they’re getting their own series! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce MARVEL TSUM TSUM #1 – an all-new limited series coming this August! Writer Jacob Chabot (The Mighty Skullboy Army) [...]

May 17, 2016 Features
Black Panther


Marvel Comics continues to present this year’s breakout Marvel Super Hero – the Black Panther – through a monthly video series that masterfully merges animated comics, commentary from Black Panther writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates. For the first episode a pulse-pounding musical score [...]

May 13, 2016 Features

Interview with Andi Ewington of Exmortis!

I recently got to review ExMortis, a comic series from 451 Comics (http:// Andi Ewington, the comic script writer of the series (with writing adapted from the Williams Brothers) was able to sit down with me for an interview! [...]

April 19, 2016 Features, Interviews, Small Press
Empress issue 1

Review: EMPRESS #1 by Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen

You have to hand it to Mark Millar – the dude never seems to run out of cool ideas. And Empress #1 is no exception. Set 65 million years ago on Earth – or “Er” as the inhabitants refer to it – Empress #1 [...]

April 17, 2016 Features

ExMortis #1-4: Comic Book Gold

I’ve been diving into ExMortis, a gritty B&W comic with historical fiction and monster goodness. ExMortis is written by The Williams Brothers (Pete & Paul Williams), adapted by Andi Ewington, with art by Raymund Bermundez. Raymund Bermundez is a fantastic [...]

April 12, 2016 Features, Small Press

Michael L. Peter Interview For Crescent City Magick!

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing Michael L. Peter for his book, Crescent City Magick (, an amazing occult urban fantasy comic set in New Orleans. Mr. Peters was also kind enough to let me interview him for Comic Booked. I [...]

April 8, 2016 Features, Interviews, Small Press

Meet Chuck Amadori, an Innovative, Authentic, and Intelligent Comic Book Writer

Article Originally Posted Here: There are many creative people out there in the world of comics, from artists, to colorists, and writers as well. Each of them bring their own skills into the game, with a variety of interests [...]

March 27, 2016 Features

Independent Comic Spotlight: Winter 2016

Hi there, folks!  Welcome back to Independent Comic Spotlight.  This last holiday season was great for a lot of reasons, but it’s always fun to get to the stack of indy books and comics that are sent my way.  If [...]

February 29, 2016 Features
comic book value

Comic-Nomics 101: Comic Book Value Part 2

Missed part 1? Click here to get caught up. Comic-Nomics 101 is a series of educational editorials (emphasis on editorials) that hopes to give you the tools you need to fight the battle of comic book investing. Just keep in [...]

November 12, 2015 Features
Comic Booked Studios

Comic Booked Studios: Update

After a year long hiatus, Comic Booked Studios is working their hardest to get back to what they love doing; making videos for the comic book community. If you’ve never heard of Comic Booked Studios, here’s a brief summary of [...]

July 21, 2015 Features
Panels of Future Past

Panels of Future Past, Episode 1: G.I. Joe #21

Panels of Future Past are reviews of old comic books, or, perhaps, of multi-issue story arcs (in the case of the later, as long as they are tightly woven and held to a few issues, such as a 4-issue limited [...]

April 2, 2015 Features
Deadpool Cover

Steampunk Cosplay – Circle City Aerodrome Lands at Columbia Club

(Steampunk cosplay conventions are usually named invasions, which are generally held by an Aerodrome, or particular/specific group or club of steampunks.  They are creative events, sometimes immersion – allowing character development and imagination to prevail) Shocking news:    Indianapolis – [...]

February 17, 2015 Features

The Never-Ending Influence Of Comics

Have you ever imagined what today’s culture would be like if comic books had never existed? It’s fair to say that they’ve had a pretty extensive influence on action movies, games, events and merchandise since the early 20th century. Being [...]

November 14, 2014 Features

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