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fantastic four1994

Mythical Movie Review: Fantastic Four (1994)

As I’ve stated in my previous review of Captain America (1990), we have a great movie theater called Rave Theaters that puts on a free B-Movie ...
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Storytime: Fables and Cinderella

Welcome to another round of reviews of this month's Fables books. This month we have a very special guest artist on Fables and another announcement ...
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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Century 1969

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen –Century 1969 was released this week by Top Shelf Productions (US) and Knockabout Comics (UK).  I eagerly ...
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Gene Colan: Comic Book Icon Dies

Daredevil was a side character I never knew about until a comic shop owner informed me about Frank Miller having Daredevil’s best run, this in ...
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v-day 3

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Comic Booked Loves You!

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. The time of hearts and flowers, of chocolates and cards. The time of kissing the night away or watching a ...
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Comics Breaking! – Welcome To The X-Men Jane Austen

Real quick Marvel Press Release as it was forwarded to me for all you fellow X-Men fans! *** Welcome To The X-Men Jane Austen, Hope You Survive ...
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Darick Robertson gets “Comic Booked” on Freakshow #1

Hello again, fellow Comic Book fans. As you all probably already know, last week I had the pleasure of attending and covering the great ...
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Comics Breaking! – Fear Itself Cover Revealed

Very excited to receive this in my inbox today fellow Comic Book fans, and I of course hopped right on to share it with you just as it had been ...
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On the Comic Booked Scene! – Freakshow #1: Release Party

Besides housing one of the coolest R2-D2 units in town, Golden Apple Comics has long since been one of the best places around to not only find ...
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Orc Stain for the Damn Win!

If I had to describe the series in one generic word, it would be AMAZING. The opening text in the first book reads... For a million millenia ...
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