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Greg Land's 1:1000 Variant

Triple Digit Ratio Variants: When did $1,275.00 become a good deal?

I remember a day when the only variants you could find were newsstand vs direct edition books and then of course you had Marvel Publishing and the (in)famous Whitman reprints.  Then the ’90s hit.  When that (also infamous) decade marched [...]

May 16, 2016 Features
Black Mask

Black Mask’s Class Of 2016: Previews & Expectations

  4 Kids Walk In To A Bank.  It sounds like the lead-in to a punchline for a joke eager to be told but it is most certainly not. It is in fact a crime caper centering around an 11-year [...]

May 7, 2016 News, Small Press
comic book

Famous Comic Book Characters that Inspired Games

Many of us were brought up on comics such as those from Marvel and DC Comics. As a result of this, many of the characters from comics have gone on to become truly cult characters that are known all around [...]

March 22, 2016 Games and Gaming

Gotham 2.7: “Mommy’s Little Monster”

Gotham 2.7: “Mommy’s Little Monster” I’m sure that people that linger on this site – or watch Gotham, for that matter – have seen the 1992 film Batman Returns. Remember when a whole army of penguins was marching on in? [...]

November 6, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham 2.3: “Last Laugh”

Gotham Season 2.3: “Last Laugh” Two of the problems with the first season of Gotham was that some of the story-lines either ended abruptly with no real payoff that was worthy of the build-up (such as the female mole Fish [...]

October 12, 2015 Movies and TV

Gotham: Season 2 Premiere

Gotham Season Two Premiere “Rise of the Villains: Damned if you do…” Before this episode can be reviewed, let’s clear the air a bit: I  hear a lot of hate toward Gotham, and that’s fine. Really. It is. I could [...]

September 24, 2015 Movies and TV
Cut & Print

Cut & Print: The Fantastic Four Challenge

Cut & Print: What’s Up With the Fantastic Four movie Is anyone looking forward to the new Fantastic Four reboot film coming out in less than two weeks? Perhaps no one wants to know the answer to that question more [...]

July 30, 2015 Features
New Comic Books

New Comics List For June 17th 2015

Welcome back to the only list you need weekly, the new comic book list!  Well it is kind of exciting, right? This list if massive each week so there is definitely something for everyone here.  DC comics has an unreal [...]

June 15, 2015 News

Zombie Apocalypse hits Chicago – Mayhem!!!

World War Z hits the midwest during Chicago’s Zombie Apocalypse last weekend!  Newspapers claimed it was similar to 6 other Walker Stalker event sightings  witnessed in cities around the country; Dallas, Orlando, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta and New York/New Jersey. [...]

March 2, 2015 Cosplay, Features

Collector Review: ComicBase 2015 Archive Edition

It is getting harder and harder to remember which box I put certain comics in and even harder to keep track of the value of my collection. I hate using spreadsheets or notepads and besides you are missing some pretty [...]

October 14, 2014 Features
Batman Eternal

10 Crazy & Obvious Theories About the Batman Eternal Teaser

Last week, DC Comics dropped a small teaser image that has sent the Bat fans into a tizzy. Similar to the single image teasers that DC Comics used to release for their big events before the New 52, this single [...]

November 24, 2013 Features
Walking Dead cover 105

Review: The Walking Dead #105

Spoilers! Okay, with the spoiler tag out of the way, let me start by saying issue one hundred and five of The Walking Dead is a great jumping on point! At least it’s as good of one as any. Even [...]

December 17, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Sound Effect headband

Bee’s Knees: Cartoon Sound Effects

Hello, and welcome to the Bee’s Knees, the weekly column focusing on some of the many creative ways words and pictures can be combined! Usually for these articles, I try to stay away from comic books in favor of lesser [...]

October 11, 2012 Features

Daredevil: End of Days #1 Review

I don’t review many Marvel comics here on When I noticed that none of the other writers had yet to review Daredevil: End of Days #1, I decided to rectify this situation. While my review efforts are almost always concentrated [...]

October 8, 2012 Features

Spidey is 50! Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

Spider-Man has been my favorite comic book character, nay my favorite fictional character (although he is very real to me) of all time. His quick wit, strong morals, and penchant for ass kicking, helped shape the way I viewed life. [...]

August 29, 2012 Movies and TV

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