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Marvel Now Uncanny News!

The Future of Marvel NOW! is Snikt. Wolverine on the Way?

Without much further word from Marvel, we have for you an image that simply says Snikt. Not SNIKT!, just subtle Snikt. A kinder, gentler Wolvie? That’s a bit too much snikty for us to handle, and all we know is [...]

November 15, 2012 News
Marvel Now Uncanny News!

The Future of Uncanny X-Men Is Marvel NOW!

This coming February prepare for a change that will affect all of mutant kind for years to come. Cyclops is back and he has some serious business to take care of. As part of the Marvel NOW! Initiative, superstar creators Brian Michael [...]

November 9, 2012 ZDONOTUSE
Green Lantern McKenna

An Interview with Mark McKenna

If you’ve been collecting comics for any amount of time, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Mark McKenna’s work – because he’s worked on almost everything. His professional credits start back in January of 1986, and include virtually every major title over the [...]

November 7, 2012 Features

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