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Throwback Thursday: First Hunt

Throwback Thursday: First Hunt. For collectors around the world, the hunt for those elusive issues, those rare and often insignificant middle issues that may mean nothing to most, but would complete that mini series, that run, or that collection. For [...]

April 24, 2014 Features
Such a variety, something for everyone.

The Excitement of Comic Collecting

As a child, it was GoBots, Transformers, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys. In Middle School, I discovered comic books. When I entered college, the introduction of Magic the Gathering to our area brought the world of [...]

September 9, 2013 Features, ZDONOTUSE
CGC Logo Comics

If It Weren’t for Comic Books

After a strenuous week of trying to get my house in order I have now come to terms that I don’t nearly have enough comic books. What can I say, I want more. I am closing in on 400 CGC [...]

November 8, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

An Imperfect copy or Not Good Enough

CGC has been around for over a decade, digital comic books have been gaining popularity, and comic books themselves have been around a lot longer than I. As a reader of comic books for 35 years, a collector for 28, [...]

March 9, 2012 Features
Lee's Print

The Pitfalls of Storing a Collection

A collector’s main adversary is a lack of proper storage space; lack of funds is a close second. I currently live in a junior one bedroom apartment. I have resided here for almost six years. The rent, fortunately is cheap, [...]

March 2, 2012 Features

Collection of Comics From a Closet Will Sell For Over $3.5M

A collection of 345 comics, discovered by Michael Rorrer in his great-aunt’s closet, has attracted bidding of roughly 3.5 million dollars. In the end it could sell for $6 million, according to Heritage Auctions sources   “This is just one [...]

February 22, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Why is Collecting Comic Books Addicting?

I never understood why my sister watched the “Soaps”. I felt that she was deranged and lacked any sensibility; this might have only been for the reason that she is my older sibling. I mean seriously who the hell cared [...]

January 6, 2012 Features

How I Learned To Take Care Of My Comics

In the world of comic book collecting, there are casual collectors and there are hardcore collectors.  I find myself somewhere in the middle, but no matter what category you fall into, there are certain guidelines to take proper care of your comic [...]

August 16, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

An Escape or an Addiction?

Another day has passed, my bills are paid, my books are to be delivered this week and I wonder what I should purchase next. I know I should save a bit more. I really should, especially since I am closing [...]

August 9, 2011 Features


I don’t use PGX. I prefer CGC and with that in mind can I be unbiased in this article? Which company has stricter guidelines? Which company is cheaper? And which company has a quicker turnaround time? I think everyone has [...]

May 30, 2011 Features, ZDONOTUSE

ComicWallet Upgrades Design has been selling wallets made from actual comic books for over a year now and has just improved on their original design. I have the original styled wallet made from an Amazing Spider-Man issue. It was sent to me [...]

November 11, 2010 ZDONOTUSE


A great comic book themed gift is the stuff we as kids dreamed of and still a dream of mine. A very unique one is even better. Getting a T-shirt or figure to display is great. Personally I possess many [...]

August 17, 2010 ZDONOTUSE
All Star Wars!  All weekend!  And I’m going.

All Star Wars! All weekend! And I’m going.

So here’s another confession, my fine feathered friends. I am, among other things, a Star Wars geek. In little over a week, I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration V international Star Wars . . . do you call [...]

August 2, 2010 ZDONOTUSE
Green October lands…

Green October lands…

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Green_October squints his eyes against the gritty, smog-choked twilight. Happy to write his investigative reports on comic book kitsch and pulp violence, he strives to bring you his articles in [...]

May 16, 2010 ZDONOTUSE

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