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If It Weren’t for Comic Books

After a strenuous week of trying to get my house in order I have now come to terms that I don’t nearly have enough comic books. What can I say, I want more. I am closing in on 400 CGC [...]

November 8, 2012 Features

Conventions vs Internet

I loved conventions (Ok I still do). There is something about seeing different booths displaying comics that I don’t get to see every day. Many Silver Age #1’s and Key Issues were drooled over as I asked to see them [...]

March 16, 2012 Features
Lee's Print

The Pitfalls of Storing a Collection

A collector’s main adversary is a lack of proper storage space; lack of funds is a close second. I currently live in a junior one bedroom apartment. I have resided here for almost six years. The rent, fortunately is cheap, [...]

March 2, 2012 Features
Lee's Print

Reading the Best, Last

Every possible Wednesday I am at the comic book shop. This ritual is preceded by coffee with my dad. My father might not understand my collecting attributes, especially since he doesn’t collect anything, and yet he is right there at the front [...]

February 24, 2012 Features

The Devil and the Spider

Have you ever wanted that one special comic book? You know the one that is slightly out of your price range and you need to borrow money from your parents to get it. The one you begged and pleaded for. [...]

February 10, 2012 Features

Discovering the Back Issue Bin

In the eighties when everything in the Marvel universe was new to me, I jumped around trying different titles. At the age of thirteen, I purchased as many new books as I could during my first shopping extravaganza. After placing [...]

January 27, 2012 Features

Why is Collecting Comic Books Addicting?

I never understood why my sister watched the “Soaps”. I felt that she was deranged and lacked any sensibility; this might have only been for the reason that she is my older sibling. I mean seriously who the hell cared [...]

January 6, 2012 Features

Action Comics #1 Breaks the Two Million Dollar Barrier

Wonder if the original owner of this comic book had a mother say to him, “It will never be worth anything” Wednesday, November 30th; sometime after the sun went down on the eastern coast of the Unites States, broke [...]

December 3, 2011 Features

A World Without Comic Books?

Once in a while I feel the need to rearrange my living quarters. I rent, so I do not wish to call it my place; I just reside here. It is a small place but cheap, and I find that [...]

August 16, 2011 Features

That Hellbound Train Review: The Long and Short of It

There are comic books, and then there are comic books that change everything. I consider Locke & Key by IDW to be one of them.  I jumped on late with this series and was looking for another title to try. [...]

July 14, 2011 ZDONOTUSE
evil inc

Wizard World 2011 Interview with Brad Guigar

I am sitting down with Brad Guigar, not walking past him, not buying anything from him (although I did that too); nor am I just passing the bull in transit. No, I am sitting down next to the Creator of [...]

June 30, 2011 Features

Protection of Investment: Why Encapsulate?

Why Encapsulate? I collect because I love the hobby, but do you collect for investment? And if CGC is financially out of reach, what do you use? I am clearly in a hobby that I cannot afford. At one time I [...]

June 9, 2011 Features

Fat Jack’s: My Local Comic Shop

What is it about comic books that every week we are compelled to flock to the comic book shop and pick up our books of choice? To think I used to laugh at my sister when she said she needed to [...]

June 5, 2011 Features

The Cost of… Insurance

I love my parents. This is for a few reasons. There are people out there that sometimes forget what their parents are to them. I have not. I have a father and stepmother that are wonderful and both love me [...]

April 30, 2011 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Death, Taxes, and Spider-Man

I mentioned previously what I thought about Peter Parker surviving but not as Spider-man anymore, apparently I was right about a new Ultimate Spider-Man replacing him according to the latest news traveling the web (no pun intended); so let me see [...]

April 22, 2011 ZDONOTUSE

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