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The New 52 Review – Catwoman

Catwoman is on the prowl again. DC’s New 52 slips on the leather cat suit and whip and gets a little rough, so be prepared, and know your safe ...
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Death of thomas and martha

Sets Them Apart: Bruce Wayne

There are characters in the comic world that are set apart from the rest. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-man, etc. These charact...
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DC Comics Wants Your Comments on The New 52

This is the last week of DC Comic’s release of their first New 52 issues.  The last of the number ones were came out today.  This has been ...
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Robin, Tim Drake

Three Robin Skins Revealed For Batman: Arkham City

As each new piece of information comes out concerning Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to the highly praised Batman: Arkham Asylum, it’s easy to ...
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Fight Censorship with the CBLDF and Image Comics

United We Stand Against Censorship! That's the message from Image Comics, over two dozen of the industry's greatest creators, and our friends at DC ...
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Robin Playable In Batman: Arkham City

The one major complaint that people had about the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum video game was that while the story mode was fantast...
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batgirl_ main

DC Relaunch: The Women Of Gotham

With all of the major new titles being announced from DC lately it certainly seems like it’d be easy to miss a few of them! But this latest batch ...
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Batman: Arkham City Release Date Announced

DC Comics and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have finally announced the release date for Batman: Arkham City. This upcoming game ...
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‘Ame-Comi’ Costumes Revealed

Why wait until Halloween to display your love for a character?  Why wait until Halloween to get your sexy back?  CHECK it out friends!  You get ...
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Valentines Day

Comic Booked’s Top Comic Book Romances

It’s Valentine's Day, and here at Comic Booked, we’re a bunch of romantics! So I thought what better way to show our love of comics and romance ...
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