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Help us continue connecting a Comic Booked world! We are a small but close-knit group of nerds and we need your help as we enter a new age of greatness. Funds will go directly to our staff as we continue [...]

June 30, 2014 Features
Welcome To Hyper Heroes

A Second Look at JC Alvarez’s “Hyper Heroes”

About a month ago, we here at Comic Booked.com took a look at a new comic book series under a Kickstarter campaign, Hyper Heroes written by JC Alvarez and his team based out of San Francisco, California. Hyper Heroes is [...]

January 8, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Keeper of knowledge

A Novice’s Guide to Adventuring

As you lift the oaken latch of the large double doors, you find yourself standing in the entryway of an elaborate study. The plush carpet is soft under your feet as you step past the gateway and into the library. [...]

January 20, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

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