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Spike #5

Review: Spike – A Dark Place #5

Well, this is it: the final issue of the spinoff miniseries of Buffy Season 9 focusing on everyone’s favorite bleached-hair vampire, Spike. Spike – A Dark Place #5 completes the story of Spike with his alien bug friends as they approach Easter Island [...]

January 28, 2013 DO NOT USE

April 2013 Solicitations: Dark Horse

Now it’s time to look at some of our picks from Dark Horse! These are picked directly from their April Solicitations: 1 FOR $1: MIND MGMT #1 Matt Kindt (W/A/Cover) On sale Apr 3 FC, 24 pages $1.00 One-shot Just [...]

January 22, 2013 DO NOT USE
Buffy Season 9 Issue 14 Phil Noto Cover Billy the Vampire Slayer

Review: Buffy Season 9 #14

Buffy is taking a break this month, still reveling in her issue-ending proclamation that she’s the Slayer.  Buffy Season 9 Issue 14 instead ushers in the much buzzed about Billy (vampire slayer).  The creative team of Andrew Chambliss and Georges Jeanty [...]

October 11, 2012 DO NOT USE
Spike 2 Morris Cover

Review: Spike Issue 2

Spike’s in trouble?  Must be… well, must be Wednesday. Spike: A Dark Place Issue 2 opens with Spike still in trouble aboard his bug-manned spaceship.  He’s not been thrown out of an airlock (yet) by a slightly toothier Gantu, but [...]

September 26, 2012 DO NOT USE

Review: Buffy Season 9 #13

There are some times where I’m not willing to suspend disbelief, where I want my SciFi a bit more Sci, a bit less Fi.  I want a kind of logic to my fandoms – regardless of how convoluted that logic [...]

September 18, 2012 DO NOT USE
Angel & Faith Morris Cover

Review: Angel & Faith Issue 13

It’s getting difficult to talk about one of the Dark Horse Buffy-verse books without talking about all of them – while there aren’t any major crossovers in the works for this season of comics, there are plenty of blurred boundaries [...]

September 17, 2012 DO NOT USE
Billy Artwork from

Buffy Season 9 Welcomes Gay Male Slayer

Today, posted an article that cleared up many of the spoilers that Buffy artist Georges Jeanty teased at his Dragon*Con panel.  Writers Jane Espenson and collaborator Drew Greenberg discuss Billy, the gay male slayer to be introduced in Buffy [...]

September 10, 2012 DO NOT USE

Dragon*Con 2012: Buffy Season 9 with Georges Jeanty

I make no secret about my love for all things Dark Horse, particularly the Whedonverse, particularly ​Buffy Season 9​.  Part of that love comes from the art of Georges Jeanty, who talked this afternoon about ​Buffy​, ​Angel & Faith​, his [...]

September 1, 2012 DO NOT USE
Spike Frisson Cover

Review: Spike #1

Here’s the thing –  I love Spike.  If I deny the existence of Seeing Red, he stays in a constant struggle for top placing on my “Favorite Vampires With Souls” list.  And, depending on the week, he even occasionally shoves [...]

August 23, 2012 DO NOT USE
Buffy Season 9 Issue 12 Jeanty Cover

Review: Buffy Season 9 #12

I’ve already whined in my Angel & Faith review about the lack of a crossover in the Dark Horse Buffyverse this month and, really, I’m over the angst now. Well, mostly. Nearly, at least. Noting like an action-packed issue for [...]

August 18, 2012 DO NOT USE
Angel and Faith 12

Review: Angel & Faith Issue 12

Admittedly, I let my fangirlish glee get away from me last month.  The momentum built by both Angel & Faith and Buffy Season 9 tricked me into thinking happy, crossover thoughts and I imagined that Issue 12 of both books [...]

August 6, 2012 DO NOT USE

SDCC 2012: Dark Horse: Joss Whedon

If there was any place I’d want to be today, it would have been SDCC, Ballroom 20 from 5:30-6:30 pm.  Dark Horse and Joss Whedon – the very thought of it makes me swoon in a totally fangirl way. Scott [...]

July 15, 2012 Features
Buffy Season 9 Issue 11

Review: Buffy Season 9 #11

Buffy Season 9 #10 saw Buffy reunited with her actual body, freed from her barista day job and ready to take on the world yet again.  Issue 11 has her taking on the world, sure, but as a part of [...]

July 14, 2012 DO NOT USE
Angel & Faith

Review: Angel & Faith: Live Through This

Angel returning to Dark Horse, in a series with Faith that takes place in the same universe as Buffy Season 9?  Written by Christos Gage and drawn by Rebekah Isaacs?  My nerdy squealing when this series started was loud and [...]

June 21, 2012 DO NOT USE
Buffy Season Nine - Issue 10

Review: Buffy Season 9 Issue 10

It probably says more about my psychology than the strength of the character, but I love that moment when Buffy seems completely broken, left to face down insurmountable odds alone and just a little bit afraid.  Think about the library [...]

June 14, 2012 DO NOT USE

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