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Buffy Season 9

Spike #5

Review: Spike – A Dark Place #5

Well, this is it: the final issue of the spinoff miniseries of Buffy Season 9 focusing on everyone's favorite bleached-hair vampire, Spike. Sp...
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April 2013 Solicitations: Dark Horse

Now it's time to look at some of our picks from Dark Horse! These are picked directly from their April Solicitations: 1 FOR $1: MIND MGMT ...
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Buffy Season 9 Issue 14 Phil Noto Cover Billy the Vampire Slayer

Review: Buffy Season 9 #14

Buffy is taking a break this month, still reveling in her issue-ending proclamation that she’s the Slayer.  Buffy Season 9 Issue 14 instead ...
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Spike 2 Morris Cover

Review: Spike Issue 2

Spike’s in trouble?  Must be… well, must be Wednesday. Spike: A Dark Place Issue 2 opens with Spike still in trouble aboard his bug-manned ...
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Review: Buffy Season 9 #13

There are some times where I’m not willing to suspend disbelief, where I want my SciFi a bit more Sci, a bit less Fi.  I want a kind of logic to ...
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Angel & Faith Morris Cover

Review: Angel & Faith Issue 13

It’s getting difficult to talk about one of the Dark Horse Buffy-verse books without talking about all of them – while there aren’t any major ...
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Billy Artwork from

Buffy Season 9 Welcomes Gay Male Slayer

Today, posted an article that cleared up many of the spoilers that Buffy artist Georges Jeanty teased at his Dragon*Con panel.  Writers ...
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Dragon*Con 2012: Buffy Season 9 with Georges Jeanty

I make no secret about my love for all things Dark Horse, particularly the Whedonverse, particularly ​Buffy Season 9​.  Part of that love ...
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Spike Frisson Cover

Review: Spike #1

Here's the thing -  I love Spike.  If I deny the existence of Seeing Red, he stays in a constant struggle for top placing on my "Favorite ...
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Buffy Season 9 Issue 12 Jeanty Cover

Review: Buffy Season 9 #12

I’ve already whined in my Angel & Faith review about the lack of a crossover in the Dark Horse Buffyverse this month and, really, I’m over ...
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