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First Look: Winter Soldier #15

Once happy go lucky Bucky Barnes, loyal sidekick of the legendary Captain America; now, a highly trained assassin with enough emotional baggage ...
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Winter Soldier #9

Review: Winter Soldier #9

So, Ed Brubaker has kicked off the countdown to his complete exit from Marvel.  Of course, there's the little asterisk he gives that he ​may one ...
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Winter Soldier 5

Review: Winter Soldier #5

One of the best things Marvel Comics did this year was let Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier get his own title. Writer Ed Brubaker and artist Butch ...
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Written by Ed Brubaker, cover by Lee Bermejo

Cap’s Former Sidekick Takes Aim In WINTER SOLDIER #1

Bucky Barnes has proven himself a hero time and again. Beginning his “super hero” career as Captain America’s sidekick, he later went on to ...
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Preview: Fear Itself #4

The Serpent slithers through July as Fear Itself continues! Writer Matt Fraction’s crossover reaches its midpoint as the battle against the ...
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Captain America Might Go To Jail! WOWSERS!

Yes, America on trial! And no is not liberal propaganda, its Ed Brubaker’s newest arc. Do not worry is not Steve Rogers, its Bucky Barnes the ...
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