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Image Comics Review: Real Heroes #1 – Spoiled

Real Heroes #1 Bryan Hitch SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! For the common comic book fan, our heroes become important ...
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Age of Ultron #5 Cover

First Look: Age of Ultron #5

After a completely lackluster Book One, skeptics are worried that this will be another disappointing Marvel event.  But fret not my friends!  The ...
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Age of Ultron #2 Cover Art

Review – Age Of Ultron #2

After the prolonged nature of Marvel’s last couple of big event books, I must admit that Age of Ultron #2 being out a week after #1 is very ...
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Age of Ultron #1 Cover Art

Review: Age Of Ultron #1

This has been a long time coming. Age of Ultron is the latest in a long line of Brian Michael Bendis scripted Marvel events, continuing in a ...
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Age of Ultron #3 Cover

First Look: Age of Ultron #3

An ending no one will see coming?  Oh really Marvel?  I will be the first person to call Bull Shit.  I guarantee 90 percent of the people who ...
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Black Widow AU Teaser

Submit or Perish: Marvel Teases Age of Ultron

This has been teased for a couple of years now, but it appear Marvel is finally bringing us The Age of Ultron!   Being the little sweet hearts ...
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Age of Ultron Cover

First Look: Age of Ultron #1

The event that Marvel has been teasing for what feels like years (maybe it has?) is finally here!  The Age of Ultron has arrived!  Evil robots ...
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Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #13

Ultimate Review: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #13

Maybe it's because I gave up on Marvel's Ultimate imprint sometime around when Joe Madureira made his, er, comeback depicting ​Ultimates 3​'s ...
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All 9 Covers For The Walking Dead #100!

Who would have thought that a small black and white comic book that featured no superheroes and no out of this world action but rather focused on a ...
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America's Got powers 2

Review: America’s Got Powers #2

Image Comics' release of America's Got Powers #2, written by Johnathan Ross (Turf, Former BBC Host) and drawn by artist Bryan Hitch (Stormwatch, ...
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