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Black Mask Studios

Black Mask Studios Launches!

Black Mask Studios, a new comic book company from Steve Niles, Matt Pizzolo, and Brett Gurewitz, has officially launched with their first publishing slate. Ambitious in scope, but long on smarts, Niles, Pizzolo, and Gurewitz represent the pinnacle of the [...]

February 15, 2013 News, ZDONOTUSE
Matt pizzolo

Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Halo 8’s Matt Pizzolo

In this week’s installment of Comic Revolt, I had the opportunity to chat with Halo 8 president Matt Pizzolo. Some of his work includes writing Godkiller, organizing Occupy Comics, and being a partner in the upcoming Black Mask Studios with [...]

August 9, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

Comics Go Punk Rock: Black Mask Studios News

For a while now, I have been suggesting (in a round-about way) in my articles here at, that comics are kind of punk rock. Not the mainstream comics from the “Big 2 Publishers,” but the smaller publishers and creator-owned [...]

March 21, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

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