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Baturday: Convergence Week 8

This is it, folks!  The end… or is it the beginning?  As Convergence ends, a whole BAT-load of possibilities have reared their ugly (or beautiful) heads.  So many deaths.  So many returns.  So many opportunities.  So many crises.  And, most [...]

May 30, 2015 Features
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Comic Confidential: Journey to Baltimore ComicCon & Cosplay

This was my first Baltimore Comic Con, and I can say for a fact that it was quite an adventure.   I took the family with me on this trip and as we drove hundreds of miles from New York [...]

September 12, 2012 DO NOT USE, Features

Comic Confidential #2- Mark Poulton

In the last installment of Comic Confidential, I got a bit doom and gloomy about being an indie comic creator.   I wanted to shift focus a bit and actually shine the light on one of the success stories.   Mark Poulton [...]

April 11, 2012 DO NOT USE
DC Adventures

Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part Two

It started with a delivery.   The package was nothing special. The brown packing paper was the same kind you’d find at any post office, along with the tape used to seal it. The recipient’s address was written on it [...]

February 4, 2012 DO NOT USE

Flashpoint Character Design Artwork

The DCnU was formed based on the events in Flashpoint.  It was one of the best selling comics events for DC in a while and led to even more record breaking sales for The New 52. Character concept designs have [...]

October 27, 2011 DO NOT USE

The New 52 Bullet Reviews: Week 1

It’s been roughly two weeks since comic book fans had their last glance at the DC Universe as we’ve known it for the better part of the last 30 years. Last week DC Comics launched their company wide universe reboot [...]

September 14, 2011 DO NOT USE
Booster Gold and The Flash

Talking Flashpoint – Part 10

THE END IS NEAR! There are only three more weeks before Flashpoint, and the DCU as we know it, will come to end  in FLASHPOINT #5 on August 31.   Have you been following the Flash and his allies as they [...]

August 12, 2011 DO NOT USE
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The Halfway FLASHPoint.

So here we are, just about halfway through DC’s summer event, FLASHPOINT,  is the story going anywhere, or is all just filler until the DCnU begins on August 31st when JUSTICE LEAGUE #1(the same day that Flashpoint #5, the final [...]

July 15, 2011 DO NOT USE

Read of the Week – Booster Gold #44

BOOSTER GOLD #44 Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund Cover: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs Sure there are a lot of reasons I may have chosen this book to be my Read [...]

May 21, 2011 DO NOT USE
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Preview: Booster Gold #42

If you stole time traveling equipment (amongst other technologies) and used them to travel to the past to become a superhero, would you ever go back to stand trail for the crimes you committed in your own time? Fan favorite [...]

March 8, 2011 DO NOT USE
Booster Dan Comic Booked

Just Dropping By… Booster Dan Joins Comic Booked!

Ok… well in the vein of a true fanatic, I guess I should start by saying; Hi all, my name’s Danny and I’m a comic book addict. I was into comic books before I could even read. Sitting around at [...]

November 24, 2010 Features

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