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Sons of Anarchy #1

Review: Sons of Anarchy #1 of 6

Motorcycles. Guns. California. What better combination can you think of for a gritty story of brotherhood and fatherhood. The story of SAMCRO, Sons ...
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George Perez

George Perez goes BOOM!

It`s common knowledge that George Perez is one of the most unique and sought after artistic talents in comic books today. For the big 2, he has ...
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About Comic Booked

Comic Releases for February 20, 2013

It's that time of the week again! Yes, the time when we all open up our wallets and figure out what we want to spend our hard-earned cash on all ...
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Bullet Reviews #94

Not much to say this week other than: It's Bullet Reviews time! This week: Avengers #4, Crawling Sky #1, Deadpool Killustrated #1, Deathmatch #2, ...
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Batu from Supurbia

Supurbia Gossip: Batu Mother of the Year

Batu from Supurbia is a lock for at least one Mother of the Year award, only it will likely be for worst, not best. What makes her such a bad ...
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Review: Supurbia #2

When Mark Waid stepped down from his leadership roles with BOOM! Studios they lost more than just their CCO and former editor-in-chief. They eve...
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Supurbia gossip column

Supurbia Gossip: Three Sides of a Love Triangle

When a love triangle rears its scandalous head, we sometimes pick favorites and root for, or “ship” as it’s often called, one couple or ...
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Comic Booked Advertising Page

Comic Releases for December 5, 2012

We're coming up on the end of the year, but that's not stopping our favorite comics from being released! As we've been doing recently, you can find ...
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BOOM! In Review BOOM! Studios Logo

BOOM! In Review – A Superb Week!

Welcome to BOOM! In Review, a column taking a look at some of the most recent and notable releases from BOOM! Studios! BOOM! publishes a variety of ...
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About Comic Booked

Comic Releases for November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012, was the new comic book day for this week. In order to help you find some items that may be of interest to you, ...
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