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Blaze Brothers #3

EXCLUSIVE:Blaze Brothers Signs With IDW

Blaze Brothers Signs With IDW Publishing [...]

March 7, 2014 News
Blaze Brothers #2

Review: Blaze Brothers #2

Review for Blaze Brothers #2 from Blaze Comics - Warning Spoilers Ahead! read all about small press comic book publishers on Comic Booked! [...]

February 6, 2014 ZDONOTUSE
Blaze Brothers #1

Review: Blaze Brothers #1

Review for the brand new series, The Blaze Brothers #1, from Nick Furious of Comic Booked! Get more small press reviews today! [...]

January 2, 2014 ZDONOTUSE

BLAZE BROTHERS…Only on Comicbooked!

The Blaze Brothers, Jack and Billy Blaze, two orphaned half brothers reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, resign their commission after a botched mission nearly costs [...]

January 13, 2011 Features

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