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Kickstarter Highlight: Arena Mode

Blake Northcott, author of the Amazon bestsellers Relapse (the Vs. Reality Series) and Vs Reality has launched her Kickstarter, Arena Mode with great success. Within 1 day and 10 hours of her 30 day campaign, Blake has reached 200% funding and there’s still plenty of time [...]

February 17, 2013 ZDONOTUSE
Green Lantern McKenna

An Interview with Mark McKenna

If you’ve been collecting comics for any amount of time, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Mark McKenna’s work – because he’s worked on almost everything. His professional credits start back in January of 1986, and include virtually every major title over the [...]

November 7, 2012 Features
VS Reality Cover

Blake Northcott-International Superstar Gets Comic Booked Part 1

Blake Northcott may not be a household name…yet. But she is an international superstar. Her books are number one on Amazon in both the US and the UK. Her first book VS Reality is super popular right now and is even making its [...]

June 27, 2012 Features, Interviews

Interview: Keith Tralins of The Walking Dead Board Game

When you’re sitting around the kitchen table with your family enjoying a game of Scrabble, do you find yourself continually thinking: “You know what would make this game WAY better? If I could shoot a zombie in the face with [...]

July 5, 2011 Features, Interviews

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