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Bioshock Infinite


Watch the First 5 Minutes of BioShock Infinte Online

Since its announcement way back in 2011, fans have been eagerly awaiting footage for Irrational Games' upcoming game BioShock Infinite. Making ...
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New Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” Trailer

So at long last the new Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” trailer is finally here. Fans voted on which characters and elements from Irrati...
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NYCC Aardman Batman

How To Spend Your Paycheck: September 21

One of the perks of being vaguely employed is that, with this many part-time jobs going at once, I end up getting paid for something every week.  ...
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Bioshock Infinite’s “1999 Mode” Will Bring You to Tears

I'm all for maintaining reasonable expectations for unreleased products (games, movies, books, albums, etc.). But sometimes, something just looks ...
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Matt’s Most Awaited Video Games of 2012

There was enough research for 2012 out there to know that this year will be summed up in one short word: Chaotic. Mid-Summer there will be a ...
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