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All-New Bullet Reviews #3

Another week and another round, let's look at some more books in All-New Bullet Reviews #3 then head to your LCS tomorrow and check them out! ...
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Comics Confidential With C.W. Cooke

C.W. Cooke has been writing comics for a number of years now, You might not have heard of him before, but catch up on his work before he hits the stars!
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Bullet Reviews #139

We near the end of 2013 with Bullet Reviews #139: Amazing Spider-Man #700.4 and .5, Krampus! #1, Rex, Zombie Killer #2, and Superior Spider-Man ...
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Rex Zombie Killer Returns This Halloween!

Last year Big Dog Ink released a one-shot called Rex, Zombie Killer which featured a group of animals, three dogs, a cat, and a gorilla with a ...
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About Comic Booked

Comic Releases for November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012, was the new comic book day for this week. In order to help you find some items that may be of interest to you, ...
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Bullet Reviews #56

Each week we take a look at recent releases to help you find something to fill those small weeks or, perhaps, answer some of those questions about ...
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Review: Rex, Zombie Killer

Back in February I was pleased to share with the masses a press release announcing the massive one-shot Rex, Zombie Killer. At the time it looked ...
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Rex Zombie Killer

Gorilla With A Baseball Bat Fights Zombies

Okay, now that I have your attention, allow me to share with you my latest discovery: Rex, Zombie Killer! Due out in April from Big Dog Ink, this ...
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Interview with Tom Hutchison of Big Dog Ink!

At this years Amazing Arizona Con, I got to sit down with creator, owner, publisher and Jack of all trades: Tom Huchison of Big Dog Ink. Tom goes ...
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Big Dog Ink -First look!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE surprises.  Big Dog Ink, the company that brings stories such as 'Penny For Your Soul' is up to something ...
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