Thursday 26th May 2016,
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Hulk Smash! Green Lantern Shines His Light!

The Hulk And Green Lantern are my two of my favorite comic book characters. In a way they kind of reflect the two sides of my personality. The one side of me that just wants to just smash everything, and [...]

September 26, 2015 Features

The Big Bang Theory: Season Premier

Has it been 24 hours yet?? Can I talk about this?? It’s been nearly 24 hours…I CAN’T WAIT. um..SPOILERS. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. That Big Bang though!! >_< A one hour premier!? A ONE HOUR PREMIER??   Penny has short hair. [...]

September 24, 2014 Movies and TV
Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Delayed Until Stars Get Paid

Big Bang Theory was set to begin production recently but the show's five main cast members are holding out for hefty pay raises to continue the show. [...]

July 31, 2014 Movies and TV

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