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Baturday: The end of the weeklies

Convergence is here!  Endgame is not quite done yet (somehow)!  And the weeklies have all come to an end… of sorts.  Here are this week’s books, as rated by Comic Booked’s resident Batman expert! Arkham Manor: Endgame #1 (One-Shot) – [...]

April 4, 2015 Features

Baturday: “Where are my comics?” Edition

So I’ve got some sad news.  Granted, it’s mostly just sad for me, but still not a happy camper, nonetheless.  Weather is dumb.  And comics apparently don’t take priority when weather happens to mess up roads, shipping, and business-related shenanigans, [...]

February 21, 2015 Features

Baturday: Damian Returns and Endgame Heats Up!

So lots of crazy (but awesome) stuff happened in the pages of various Batman books this week.  All in all, it was another fantastic week to be a Bat fan.  Here are my quick (spoiler-free) run-downs of the excellent selections [...]

December 20, 2014 Features

Baturday: Gotham Academy #1, Grayson #3, and more!

Welcome back to your favorite Bat-themed column here on Comic Booked, Baturday!  As usual, I’ll be covering the issues that came out this week (and some other Batman guest-starring books), reviewing them, and adding some spoilers at the end for [...]

October 4, 2014 Features

Baturday: Futures End Week 3, Batman Eternal, and more!

What a week!  So many Bat books that it’s easy to overlook a little bit of mediocrity here and there, just to keep up with all things Batman.  Take that for what it’s worth, knowing that I’ve collected and read [...]

September 20, 2014 Features

Baturday: Back to School Special

Back to school time is a hectic and crazy time for everyone, especially students and teachers.  So, that being said, I’d like to first and foremost start off this week’s return to normalcy with an apology.  Being a high school [...]

August 30, 2014 Features

Baturday: Batman Eternal #13, Earth 2 #25, and more!

Happy Baturday, friends!  We are getting a few new Bat titles coming this fall, and Carol Kane joined the cast of the Fox show Gotham.  This week was ginormous, so let’s not waste any time.  Here are the books featuring [...]

July 5, 2014 Features

Baturday: Batman Eternal #7, Forever Evil #7, and more!

Forever Evil has ended.  Batman survived.  (Yay!)  But that doesn’t mean his life isn’t completely in shambles.  This was a HUGE week for not only DC Comics, but Bat-fans especially.  And how about that new Batman/Superman movie title?  So, without [...]

May 24, 2014 Features

Baturday: Batman Eternal #5, Futures End #1, and more!

Happy Baturday!  What a week.  First and foremost, what did you guys think of that Gotham trailer?  Pretty sweet, huh?  Well, if that wasn’t enough, there were so many good books this week starring our favorite Caped Crusader.  It was [...]

May 10, 2014 Features

How DC/Warner Bros Should’ve Handled the Justice League Movie*

Let’s take a trip back, shall we? Had Paramount/Marvel’s 2008 ‘Iron Man’ flopped, just made its budget back, or earned ‘modest’ returns, the end credits scene with Nick Fury hiding in Tony Stark’s living room would’ve been nothing more than [...]

May 7, 2014 Movies and TV

Baturday: Teen Titans #30, Batman Eternal #3, and more!

Welcome back, Bat-fans!  If you missed last week’s titles, check here real quick.  If you didn’t miss last week’s titles, read on!  But as with every week, there will be spoilers below.  You have been warned.  Enjoy yourself! Batman Eternal [...]

April 26, 2014 Features

First Contact Event: Batman/Superman #9 – spoiled

Batman/Superman #9 Pak, Lee SPOILER ALERT! I will most certainly be SPOILING! An odd opening awaits we intrepid readers in Batman/Superman #9. Instead of opening on the combat in the control room of Gamorra’s lab or the infiltration attempt by [...]

April 25, 2014 DO NOT USE, Features
Batman-Superman 4 Picture 1

Review: Batman/Superman 4

Batman/Superman 4 Greg Pak, Jae Lee, Ben Oliver   Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!   The finale of the first big story arc has finally reached the stands, and just like the premiere issue and the two that followed [...]

October 18, 2013 DO NOT USE
Batman-Superman 3.1

Forever Evil Event: Batman/Superman 3.1 (Doomsday)

Batman/Superman 3.1 Special “Villains Month” Title: Doomsday 1 Greg Pak, Brett Booth Forever Evil Crossover Spoiler alert! You have been warned!   The Batman/Superman tie-in to Villains Month and Forever Evil features Doomsday, one of the very few characters in [...]

September 28, 2013 DO NOT USE
Justice League 23.1

Forever Evil Event: Justice League 23.1 (Darkseid)

Justice League 23.1 Special “Villains Month” Title: Darkseid 1 Grek Pak, Paolo Siqueira, Nethro Diaz Forever Evil Crossover Spoiler alert! You have been warned!   This Batman/Superman tie-in (arguably a Justice League tie-in, albeit a little late) was one of [...]

September 5, 2013 DO NOT USE

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