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Top 100 Movies of 2015

Now that the Oscars have come and gone (and disappointed, as per usual), I think it’s time to finally release my “best of 2015” movie list.  I saw a lot of films this year, as I usually do, but I [...]

March 7, 2016 Movies and TV

SuperSunday: 3/6/16 Superman happenings

Happy SuperSunday, everyone!  It was a small but mighty week for Superman fans.  A DVD, a couple of comics, and a TV episode.  Here are my reviews: Supergirl 1.15: “Solitude” – My Rating: 5/5 Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash DVD – [...]

March 6, 2016 Features

Baturday: 3/5/16 Batman happenings

Happy Baturday!  Batman never has an off week, so neither do we!  Gotham is back.  Legends of Tomorrow had a shocking (and surprisingly emotional) episode.  Another Lego DC movie hit the shelves.  And then there’s the comics.  Here are my [...]

March 5, 2016 Features

SuperSunday: 2/28/16 Superman happenings

SuperSunday is here!  Happy Superman day, everyone!  If the Man of Steel hitting theaters again (against the Dark Knight, no less) in less than a month isn’t exciting enough for you, here are some great reads and small screen adventures [...]

February 28, 2016 Features

Baturday: 2/27/16 Batman happenings

Happy Baturday to all of you out there in Gotham!  Batman is better than ever and even though there might be some slight changes after the “New 52” hits issue, well, 52, it’s all up from here.  Which doesn’t seem [...]

February 27, 2016 Features
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SuperSunday: 2/21/16 Superman happenings

Happy SuperSunday to everyone!  A small (but mighty) week to be a Superman fan.  It’s enough to keep me going just seeing the constant TV spots for the upcoming movie, if I’m completely honest.  Although I will admit, as pumped as [...]

February 21, 2016 Features

Baturday: 2/20/16 Batman happenings

Happy Baturday to all of you loyal Dark Knight aficionados out there on the interwebz!  Another great week to be a Batman fan and another week closer to the official return of Bruce Wayne and the movie release.  Here are [...]

February 20, 2016 Features

DC Rebirth – Not a Reboot

For those of you who read Bleeding Cool (first of all, shame on you) this will come as a surprise to you…  DC is not alienating their fanbase.  In fact, they are doing quite the opposite.  They’re reaching out and [...]

February 19, 2016 News
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SuperSunday: 2/14/16 Superman happenings

Happy SuperSunday everyone!  (And Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate the “holiday,” as well!)  The final trailer is out.  The comics week was larger than usual.  A classic tale is adapted and somewhat altered for a TV show.  And [...]

February 14, 2016 Features

Baturday: 2/13/16 Batman happenings

What a great week for Batman fans.  Happy Baturday, everyone!  What was your favorite release this week?  Are you into the two off-beat crossovers?  Or the main books with Jim Gordon and/or Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight?  Or how [...]

February 13, 2016 Features
New Comic Books

New Comics List for Feb 10th 2016

It’s that time again, New Comic List time!  Welcome back to the newest list of releases for this coming new comic book day.  What are you excited to read this week?  Let us know in the comments below.   Marvel [...]

February 8, 2016 News

Baturday: 2/6/16 Batman happenings

Another big week for Batman fans.  Happy Baturday, everyone!  There are lots of great ways to enjoy the Dark Knight and his various allies and adversaries nowadays, whether it’s on TV, the big screen, or in the good old format [...]

February 6, 2016 Features
comics after dark

Comics After Dark: Episode 132 (PODCAST)

Comics After Dark Podcast: Episode 132 – Batman: Bad Blood Comics After Dark Podcast starring MTR (@RattHaus) and Nando Calrissian (@AwkCalrissian) THIS EPISODE! We review Robin War, recap Warner Bros. Animated Batman vs Robin and go into our Spoiler Free [...]

February 5, 2016 Features

Baturday: 1/30/16 Batman happenings (late edition)

My internet went out this weekend, but thankfully, we’re back.  So here’s a belated Baturday for your reading enjoyment.  These are my thoughts on this week’s Batman-related releases: Batman and Robin Eternal #17 – My Rating: 4/5 Deathstroke #14 – [...]

January 31, 2016 Features
Supersunday Logo

SuperSunday: 1/24/16 Superman happenings

So it was a big week in the Superman world, and this SuperSunday is here to point out that the biggest proponent of truth, justice, and the American way made several surprise appearances both on the small screen and in [...]

January 24, 2016 Features

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