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Batman: Arkham City - The Album

Batman: Arkham City – The Album Review

This week on Comic Booked Music we’re taking a listen to the Batman: Arkham City – The Album. Overall, Batman: Arkham City – The Album is a cohesive, thematic body of work from many of the leading artists in the rock [...]

February 26, 2012 Reviews
DC Adventures

Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part Five

“Come on, come on! Where are you?”   Cheetah paced back and forth on the roof of Italy’s National Museum of Antiquities, discreetly peering over the edge every now and then to see who was approaching the building. So far, [...]

February 25, 2012 Reviews
DC animated feature Justice League: Doom

ComiXology Slashing Prices on Classic DCU Justice League: Doom

As DC prepares to unveil their all new animated feature Justice League: Doom, fans have some awesome deals in addition to what promises to be one badass film. The sale starts tonight 11pm EST (yes, it has started!) until February 28th 11pm EST. With [...]

February 25, 2012 Reviews

Porn and Murder in the Afternoon News

It may be an unfortunate label, but “comic book killer” has a way of sticking in the mind. And it’s likely to stick to Michael George for the rest of his life, now that a motion to reopen his case [...]

February 23, 2012 Reviews
DC Comics Announces Night Of The Owls

DC Comics Announces Night Of The Owls

This  May DC Comics will be matching the Bat-family against some deadly Owls in the “Night of the Owls”.   Yes, you did read that correctly Batman is now fighting Owls. I don’t know how well a character based off of [...]

February 22, 2012 Reviews

Collection of Comics From a Closet Will Sell For Over $3.5M

A collection of 345 comics, discovered by Michael Rorrer in his great-aunt’s closet, has attracted bidding of roughly 3.5 million dollars. In the end it could sell for $6 million, according to Heritage Auctions sources   “This is just one [...]

February 22, 2012 Reviews
Justice League 6 Cover by Jim Lee

A Look at Justice League #6 Cover and Variant

DC Is showcasing next week’s Justice League #6 cover by Jim Lee and variant cover by Aquaman artist Ivan Reis. Jim Lee comments to The Source on why he went with the Justice League bowing before Darkseid, with Batman the [...]

February 21, 2012 Reviews
Ghost Rider 2

The Week In Comics: Zombies, Demons, Fanboys

TV and Movies: Last week saw three significant mainstream media releases… the Walking Dead season resumption, the Comic Book Men series premiere and the debut of Ghost Rider 2. Critics were kindest by far to The Walking Dead, but it [...]

February 20, 2012 Reviews
All - Star Western #9

All-Star Western Court of Owls Tie-In and Talon Designs!

By now Batman or Bat Family fans may have heard a little bit about a secret organization called the Court of Owls. For those who haven’t heard yet, it’s a big crossover event happening in the Bat books come May. [...]

February 17, 2012 Reviews

DC Universe Online New DLC Brings Players Earth Powers!

The third Downloadable Content Pack called “Battle for Earth” will soon be available for download on PC and Playstation 3. DC Universe Online Players get to see the story evolve even further as SOE includes a new chapter in the [...]

February 15, 2012 Reviews

Chris Burnham’s Variant Cover for ACTION COMICS #7

Take your first look at the variant cover for Action Comics #7 by Batman, Incorporated artist Chris Burnham. DC’s The Source asked Chris about his influences for the cover. See what he had to say below. “My initial instinct upon [...]

February 13, 2012 Reviews
Batman Earth One Gary Frank Cover

Batman: Earth One Details

The Source brings us fresh details on Geoff Johns’ hotly anticipated Batman: Earth One graphic novel, including the cover by Gary Frank. DC’s Earth One line began last year with Superman: Earth One, which was a hardcover graphic novel which [...]

February 13, 2012 Reviews
Ghost Rider 2

The Week in Comics: Ghost Writer

In our top story, Ghost Rider creator or co-creator and original writer Gary Friedrich became the face of creators’ rights this week. Having already lost a courtroom battle for any rights to Ghost Rider, he was successfully countersued for $17,000 [...]

February 12, 2012 Reviews
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

First Looks at Earth Two and World’s Finest

Friday Feburary 10th, DC Comics Released on The Source Blog the Earth Two #1 Variant cover with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Showcasing three heroes we all know very well sporting very different looks, Superman, Wonder Woman and [...]

February 11, 2012 Reviews
DC Adventures

Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part Three

ORACLE File A00231   I’ve decided that it might be good to keep a journal, a record of events beyond the digital recordings and timestamps, something to give a human perspective to the task I’ve taken on. Even writing that [...]

February 11, 2012 Reviews