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If You’re Into Comics, You Might Be On Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Comix relaunches on a digital platform. Find out more about what exactly this means, right here on Comic Booked!
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NYCC: Marvel Launches War of Heroes for iOS and Android

Marvel launched War of Heroes, their card-based strategy game, for both iOS and Android phones. Banking on the success of The Avengers, War of ...
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My Secret Hideout

Bee’s Knees: My Secret Hideout

It’s a funky picture—no, a sculpture. Or maybe a poem. A story? Definitely an adventure, shifting and changing with every move. What is this ...
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Comic Rocket Launches Free Webcomic Viewer

Webcomics are big and Comic Rocket is taking advantage of that. Comic Rocket will be launching a free webcomic viewer that makes finding, reading ...
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IDW Publishing

Nickelodeon and IDW launch Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles app

IDW Publishing is teaming up with Nickelodeon to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comiXology app. All sorts of TMNT comics will be availabl...
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Image Comics ComiXology app Upgrades

The Image Comics app, which is powered by ComiXology, will be going through some upgrades. The new upgraded version of the app will make the app ...
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Review: OnLive Gaming App For Android

OnLive, the cloud gaming service, has launched an app bringing cloud gaming to Android devices. Just for downloading the mobile app, a free copy of ...
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