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IDW Is Getting A Little Cartoony

A while back, we reported that IDW was launching a new series around Rocky, Bullwinkle, and the whole gang from that classic lineup. Has that time come? Not yet, but soon! But IDW seems to really like the animated environments [...]

June 13, 2013 DO NOT USE
PPG cover

Webcomic Review: Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Not to be confused with Powerpuff Girls Z, the PPG Doujinishi is a series of webcomics by Victor Ngo, more commonly known as Bleedman. If you’ve been keeping up with the hype of being a 90’s kid that has been [...]

April 4, 2012 DO NOT USE
Actor Mark Hamill

Comikaze Expo Announces Mark Hamill To Appear

Comikaze Expo has announced that Luke Skywalker and the voice behind the Joker, Mark Hamill will be appearing at the Comikaze Expo  during the Sushi Girl Panel November 5th-November 6th at the LA Conventer Center. In 1977, Mark Hamill starred [...]

November 3, 2011 DO NOT USE
Get ready for a Halloween celebration, Squadie style

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Spooky Halloween Trailer

Marvel struck gold when they designed the Super Hero Squad, the highly-stylized versions of their most classic, and more obscure, characters. The Squad debuted in small, 2-inch figures that had nearly no articulation, but they had such a grand appeal [...]

October 20, 2011 DO NOT USE

ThunderCats HO! Does The Reboot Stand Up To The Original?

It’s plainly obvious that the newest fad in Hollywood is the reboot. Everything old is becoming new again, as can be seen in the movie theaters as well as television. While a handful of these are runaway hits, such as [...]

August 2, 2011 DO NOT USE

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