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The Great White North in Comics: Canada Has Featured Prominently Through The Years.

Being the token Canadian writing for these days it seems appropriate that I would start my time as the site’s Justice League ...
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How To Spend Your Paycheck: October 5th

Happy October, everyone.  Sure, you could save up and spend your paychecks on practical things like rent and utilities and really awesome Hallow...
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Action Figure Xpress Exclusives for SDCC

Heading to SDCC in a few weeks?  Be sure to swing by Action Figure Xpress’ booth (#3345) for some awesome convention exclusives! Feeling ...
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Alan Scott - The Golden Age Green Lantern

Opinion: DC and Alan Scott

Recently, DC Comics announced its intent that the golden-age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, will be an openly gay character (in fact, Comic Booked ...
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Fear Itself comes to a head in October with issue #7

Fear Itself # 7: Introducing The Mighty

As Fear Itself comes barreling to its conclusion, Marvel gives us a glimpse of the team that will save the Earth from the forces of the Serpent. ...
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First Look: Alpha Flight #1

Courtesy of Marvel, Comic Booked presents an advance preview of next month’s Alpha Flight #1. The first of an eight issue limited series, Alpha ...
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Canadians In The Marvel Universe

I'm taking a quick break from my Canada Day beverage(s) to give kudos to Marvel Comics. I want to thank them for recognizing that superheroes - and ...
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