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All-New Marvel NOW!

3.5 Score

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #3

Amazing Spider-Man #3 begins the story with Cindy aka "SILK", a newly introduced character who was apparently bitten by the same spider. Cindy is ...
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4.2 Score

Review: Punisher #7

I was really excited to read this issue after reading issue #6. If you are not reading Punisher right now you are missing out on some astonishing ...
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Bullet Reviews #143

Bullet Reviews #143: Superior Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, Fables, Batman/Superman and so much more!! Reviews with a quickness on Comic Booked!
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Bullet Reviews #142

All-New Bullet Reviews #142 has All-New Invaders AND X-Factor, also Avengers of all sorts, Harley Quinn, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, and Painkiller Jane!
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All-New Bullet Reviews #1

It's an all-new year and we have all-new comics to review in All-New Bullet Reviews #141! Are you tired of 'All-New' yet?
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All New Ultimates #1 cover

Ultimate Fate of the Ultimate Universe

According to an Associated Press article published on January 10, 2014, there are some big changes coming Marvel Comic's Ultimate Universe. For me, ...
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Is ‘Amazing’ Swinging Back To The Shelves? Maybe… Maybe Not

A recently leaked picture has many speculating the return of the Amazing Spider-Man and the demise of the Superior Spider-Man. Could it be fake?
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Magneto Marches in to All New Marvel NOW!

Magneto has been a little bit of everything throughout his involvement with the X-Men and the Marvel universe at large. Villain, hero, leader, ...
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all new invaders

Breaking: All-New Marvel WHEN?

Just last year, Marvel relaunched most of their line of books under the banner of Marvel NOW. A long with the slew of renumbered books came a ...
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