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Shocktoberfest Finale: A Retrospect

Now that Shocktoberfest has come to an end, I wanted to write one more piece as look back on the month-long journey I took as I profiled 30 famous monsters from the popular consciousness. I can safely say that I [...]

October 31, 2014 Features
DC Super Vaillains

DC Comics’ Super Villains Take Over Hallowe’en 2012

Hallowe’en, to me, is better than Christmas and birthdays combined! So imagine my excitement when my favourite comic book publisher put out a press release announcing their plans for my favourite¬†holiday. If you said “really excited” you’ll only be half [...]

October 1, 2012 News
All Hallow's Eve

Own It! with Yenny- All Hallows Eve

In the 365 days (give or take) that make up a year, hundreds of holidays are celebrated around the world. Today, somewhere on our planet, something is being celebrated by hundreds of people, if not more. I have a particular [...]

June 13, 2012 ZDONOTUSE

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