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Pacific Rim Poster
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Pacific Rim Review

Opening on July 12th, Guillermo del Toro's next big movie. Set in the not too distant future, giant monsters called Kaiju begin attacking our ...
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Saucer Country #8 cover

Review: Saucer Country #8

More intellectually curious than it is viscerally satisfying, Saucer Country (from Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly) continues in its eighth issue to ...
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How I Spent My Summer Invasion #1

Review: How I Spent My Summer Invasion #1

As far as indie comics go, ​the expanded release How I Spent My Summer Invasion​ (from publisher We Comics) really tests the limits of what it ...
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Saga #6

Review: Saga #6

What's been especially interesting about ​Saga​ thus far is watching Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples find their groove.  Most of this has ...
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Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

Review: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

As far as comics go, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens appears at first glance to be a checklist of everything wrong in the industry.  A comic that serves as a ...
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Review: Extermination #1

There's a central conflict to the start of BOOM! Studios' latest high-concept series Extermination involving the 'no killing' rule of superheroes...
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Review: Vitruvian Underground #1

I found the cool indie comic Vitruvian Underground when I stumbled on the amazing artwork of Ramon Villalobos.  Villalobos' work has been featured ...
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Pretty spacey thingy!

Webcomics Wednesdays – Space!

Space, the 'final frontier'. Or as I like to say, spaceships and aliens and lasers, oh my! This weeks' comics are full of delicate inter-species ...
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Dark Horse Presents #12 features a new Aliens story and the return of Nexus

Return of Nexus – Interview With Mike Baron!

The return to print of Nexus is one of the highlight stories of Dark Horse Presents #12, and we got a rundown from writer Mike Baron himself!  ...
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“HEY GEEK GIRL!” Art Exhibit Opening

The HEY GEEK GIRL! art exhibition opened this weekend at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington. The show is guest curated by author, journalist, ...
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