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eternal con pic

Comics Confidential- Long Island, Eternal Con-Day 1

My name is Raphael Moran. Not only am I a writer here at Comic Booked, but I’m also a comic creator as well. My first comic series, Dream Reavers ...
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Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview

Marvel Comics Sneaky Preview: Origin II #3

Part of building Comic Booked into the #1 place that you go for all things comic book-y is to bring you the news just as soon as it is news. To ...
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origin II

Preview: Origin II #1

Coming this Tuesday is the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2001 hit Origin by Bill Jemas, Paul Jenkins, and Joe Quesada with pencils by Andy ...
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SDCC '13: Gillen and Kubert Team-Up for Wolverine: Origin II

SDCC ’13: Gillen and Kubert Team-Up for Wolverine: Origin II

As a follow-up to Marvel's Paul Jenkins and Joe Quesada's Wolverine: Origin, it was recently announced that comic scribes Kieron Gillen and ...
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Avengers V5 #6 cover art

Review: Avengers #6

Might as well jump straight into it: Avengers #6 is brilliant. This series so far has been fantastic and the momentum only continues to build. In ...
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Avengers #5

Review: Avengers #5

For some who have read my other posts, you know I am a huge Avengers fan and have a long history with the title. Suffice to say, all the reboots...
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