Gio Taviani, aka Agent Twilight, recently “came out” as a homosexual in the pages of Grace Randolph’s Supurbia. The thing about it though, is that there is no “thing,” and no one seems to care. Both the worlds of comic book journalism and mainstream media have more or less left it alone to be a non-issue. I’m very torn here – I’m really not sure if I should be outraged or celebrating. Where is the controversy, where’s all the noise? At the very least the story seems ripe for discussion about what the coming out process means, or what it’s like in this day an age, but I don’t see much out there. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were all complicit in allowing DC and Marvel to play dueling homos* with Green Lantern and Northstar, but why have we gone silent on this? Even just the last Wiccan/Hulkling kiss received more fanfare. Not to put down my own article, but the reason there’s no hype machine here is probably fairly obvious: BOOM! Studios just isn’t as newsworthy a publisher as Marvel or DC. Maybe that’s fair, as they are comparatively new to the game, and the characters of Supurbia haven’t had as much time to imprint themselves on our public consciousness. I like to pretend there’s a different reason though. I like to imagine we simply live in a world where something like this just isn’t a big deal. As someone who firmly opposes any and all discrimination or intolerance along these lines, I actually debated if I even wanted to write this up or not. I often fear dignifying absurd notions by even acknowledging them, and wonder if I should just take the silence whenever I can get it. Pretending we live in a perfect world doesn’t make it so though, does it? I guess technically in my ideal world a coming out story wouldn’t even be possible unless told in some kind of flashback, or set in the past. I’d love to see a world where the story wouldn’t work because people wouldn’t even have any frame of reference to understand it, but in the meantime you tell me, what should I do? Should I continue the dialogue, or enjoy the silence?

 Supurbia Gay Gossip

The story will continue soon in the pages of Supurbia, and there will be plenty more Supurbia Gossip!





*This comment is meant to represent the pinnacle of snark, not to be disparaging.