When a love triangle rears its scandalous head, we sometimes pick favorites and root for, or “ship” as it’s often called, one couple or another. I’m going to try and play fair in this gossip column though, and look objectively at each partner’s role in this Supurbia affair!

Alexis from SupurbiaAlexis Fritsche – She presumably loves her husband Night Fox, but he cheated on her with his crime fighting partner Agent Twilight. He broke her trust and violated one of the most basic agreements made in many marriages. So basically, she has every right to be pissed! I’ve never been married, but I think I still have some idea what this feels like. Spend enough time in enough relationships, and eventually you will be cheated on. Does that give her the right to take it out on Agent Twilight though?

Agent Twilight (Gio Taviani) – He didn’t do anything wrong, I mean he’s not the one who’s married, right? What was he supposed to do, shove Night Fox off of him and say, “get away from me you sexy, sexy beast who I also totally have feelings for”? It’s not like infidelity never has a happy ending. Look at the heartwarming movie It Could Happen To You, or the real life example of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Play the love game enough and it could happen to you too. Is he not being patient enough with Night Fox, error invalid entryor is he being too patient?

Night Fox (Paul Fritsche) – He’s a dirty rotten cheater! I’d have more sympathy for him, but he seems to have been stringing both Alexis and Gio along for some time. Still, I want to try and look at this from his point of view. This isn’t just a marriage crisis for him, but a sexual identity one. He’s not really defined as homosexual or bi, in fact he recently revealed that Gio has been his only ever same-sex tryst. His whole world is up in the air, and he’s got some serious figuring out to do. Maybe he never had college to experiment during, but now isn’t really the time. Pull it together Paul, people’s emotions are on the line here and it all revolves around you.

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