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Supurbia Gossip: Batu Mother of the Year

Comic Booked 01/06/2013 Reviews

Batu from Supurbia is a lock for at least one Mother of the Year award, only it will likely be for worst, not best. What makes her such a bad mother? I’ve got all the dirty details right here! First of all, matriarchal culture be damned, you should not be playing favorites with your kids. Even if you harbor some secret feeling one way or another you should be doing everything in your power to hide it, not flaunt it like Batu does. Seeing her casual disregard for her son firsthand led to me feeling a sense of vindication when he developed powers and skills before his sister. Unfortunately, Batu took it out on him in typical Daughter of Bright Moon fashion. I knew right off the bat that their journey to Mongolia was no fun field trip. He looked so happy on the way there though, that now it still just breaks my heart to find she actually thought the “right thing” to do was to take him there to be sacrificed as an abomination! Thankfully the tribe had a slightly less absurd idea, they want to farm his amazing abilities, putting him out to stud so he can “seed the Daughters of Bright Moon.” His young age makes this an incredibly icky moral situation (and possibly even a crime) so I’m going to stay out of that cultural/legal mess for now. Apparently this is somehow where Batu draws the line as well. I think he ran off to avoid the fighting, but at risk of sounding crude I have to admit that even at that age dropping me off at an Amazonian sex orgy probably would’ve ranked pretty high on my list of birthday presents. Maybe Batu has a chance at best mother of the year after all! All jokes aside there really aren’t enough Wonder Woman analogues out there in the non-traditional superhero genre, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes next. Luckily, I don’t have to wait very long! The story continues in Supurbia #3, on sale soon along with these comics!


Look back here for more Supurbia Gossip, and in the meantime also enjoy these cover previews of the next issue!


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