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Superman Writer Scott Lobdell Invades Comikaze!

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As a 20 year veteran of the comic book industry, Scott Lobdell has worn many hats. He’s created a whole new generation of X-Men, and sent them to a dimension where the Professor’s team never existed. He relaunched the Wildcats. Recently, he introduced Superboy to the New 52 and returned Superman to Krypton. Now, Scott Lobdell is wearing a new hat, that of video host and interviewer.

Last month at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles, I gave him a microphone and followed the veteran comic writer around the convention. This video is the result. Watch as Scott Lobdell interviews Whilce Portacio, the best Superman cosplayer of all time, and a Dalek.

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Scott Lobdell also invaded Wondercon earlier this year, and confronted Rob Liefeld, Kyle Higgins, and Matt Kindt.

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Here’s hoping that Scott Lobdell invading comic book conventions becomes the norm.

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    Scott Lobdell rocks!

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