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Superman Lands in Casper, Wyoming

Comic Booked 06/29/2010 Reviews

Comic Booked, Superman prize winner, DC, comicsLast month I wrote the article Superman is Half Canadian. In it I said that one lucky reader comment would win the first-run 12 issue series Superman: World of New Krypton. The winner was super excited. Not only that he won, but because his town doesn’t have a comic shop. How cruel is that? Clearly, Lex Luthor is to blame. I packaged the prize, but also sent two bonus prizes along. Here’s the winner’s response:

Comic Canuck,

For a week I have been checking my mail everyday at 3:15pm mere minutes after the postman leaves hoping to find comics in my mailbox. Well except for today. I found myself very busy all afternoon and just plum forgot to check my mail until nearly 11pm at night. I made my way to the mailbox, twisting my ankle in the dark – so limped to my mail box to find a BOX OF COMICS.  NINETEEN COMICS.  The Entire past year of the “New Kypton Arc”. The Promised Prize of the 12 Issues of World of New Krypton plus TWO BONUS PRIZES. 3 issues of Last Stand of New Krypton and 4 issues of War of the Supermen!  It’s been a fun evening reading over a year’s worth of comics in one sitting (my! it’s tomorrow MORNING! How did that happen?) Where I live, there are no local comic book shops, so I would have had to wait for months before being able to read these in trade paperbacks. Thank you Comic Canuck! Thank You!

That is one long night of reading! I’m glad you enjoyed the series and I hope your ankle is feeling better.

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    Batman was always my favorite when i was a kid.

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