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Superman and Wonder Woman Shippers Rejoice!

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Superman and Wonder Woman are going down a romantic road in the pages of the New 52!  This is not an Elseworlds, not a prank, and not just an imagined possible future.  This is the real mainline line DC comic book continuity, and the action begins in Justice League number twelve!  Comic readers especially know never to judge a book by its cover, but this news is confirmed and being widely reported even by sources outside of usual comic book sources such as Good Morning America and Entertainment Weekly – who got the following quote from Geoff Johns himself:

 “This is the new status quo”


the cover for Justice League 12 featuring a Superman and Wonder Woman romanceIt doesn’t get much more official than that, and we’ve been promised a long term deal that will have an impact all over the DC universe.  Expect to see some nerd rage on the net about this one, but also don’t be surprised to see an outcry of support from fans who have dreamed about the possibilities for such a pairing ever since the idea first entered their minds.  This is the kind of thing that could have never happened cleanly before the DC reboot, and may actually come to define it.  Something this big will definitely have to spill outside of Justice League, and I can’t wait to see how often they fly into the pages of each other’s books, or if they even get a mini-series!  Fans of the Lois and Clark relationship can still find solace in the pages of Smallville, where writer Bryan Q. Miller has written them as classically as anyone, and is joined by art teams well suited to visualize both the steamy and sentimental moments.


Superman and Wonder Woman hook up in Justice League !






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