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Super Best Friends Forever Debuts On DC Nation

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Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever was probably the most popular animated short on DC Nation before it even aired!  The buzz on the net has been incredible, and the stylish previews had many commenters and message board denizens calling for a full length series right from the start.  Well, the wait is over and the first installment has finally premiered.

Super Best Friends Forever, or S.B.F.F., unites Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl into a teenage female superhero team.  The concept is bursting with potential, which is probably why so many people have latched on to it so quickly.  Faust certainly makes good on her promise to “bring the cute,” the short feature was jam-packed with pastel colors, wide eyes, and youthful girl power pinballing all over the screen.Lauren Faust created Super Best Friends Forever for DC Nation

With just this quick minute of TV time we already have some basic characterizations: Batgirl is bubbly, Supergirl is spunky and mischievous, and Wonder Girl is on the cusp of womanhood- almost an adult but still able to be swayed by the allure of childish hijinks, especially when you dangle the Wonder Woman themed keychain right in her face! We learn this as they dance and float all about the famous invisible jet, and are on the verge of absconding with that covert form of transportation.  The Wonder Girl character was particularly impressive in this.  The streaming star background as she gave her speech was a wonderful call back to the opening credits of the 1970’s show starring Lynda Carter, and the voice acting gave a very appropriate exotic touch that is noticeably missing in too many adaptations.

This marked the first time Wonder Girl could be seen anywhere near Young Justice.  The character has been criminally Wonder Girl in Super Best Friends Foreverabsent from the series as rumors have swirled around issues of the rights to use her.  Actress Maggie Q will be making her animated debut as the voice of Wonder Woman in an upcoming Young Justice episode called Agendas.  It will be the first prominent appearance outside of the occasional cameo; in fact it’s the first time a voice was even cast.  The episode is slated to air on March 24th.

With Wonder Girl making her DC Nation debut this weekend, and Wonder Woman making hers the next, could it be possible that we are finally about to see one or both of them become a regular part of Young Justice S.B.B.F.’s Tara Strong has voiced Batgirl in other projects; it would be great for continuity to see Grey DeLisle do the same with Wonder Girl, unless our clamoring for more Super Best Friends Forever keeps her too busy.  In the meantime we still have to wait for the next short, there is no air date yet as of yet, and we have quite a cliffhanger to ponder!  This week ended with our heroes taking off with the invisible jet, armed with intentions both noble and not so noble.  Will their fun be tempered with at least a dash of responsibility?  Will fate intervene in the form of a disapproving mentor or some other peril?  Stay tuned to find out!

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