Fans of classic 8-bit video games are now in for a serious treat that will be well worth the wait: Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Capcom’s classic video game franchise Mega Man has unveiled a new 8-bit extension for its upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary. This extension is extra special in the fact that it’s a crossover with another of Capcom’s video games, Street Fighter.

How will it work? Simple. Mega Man’s fighting will be exactly the same as it was before, including the classic control systems and playing style, but the twist will be the inclusion of Street Fighter characters replacing the usual monsters that Mega Man has to face.

Best of all? It’s going to be a free game. The crossover will be available for the taking on December 17 for new and old gamers alike to tackle. Can’t wait? Then check out the new trailer that’s been released, that reveals some of what you have to look forward to: a new game in a classic style; everything just as good as you remember but with twists that you’ve never seen before.

Take a look! What do you think?