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Storytime: Fables Review, Art From Fairest and More!

Skott Jimenez 08/24/2011 Reviews

My favorite week of the month is the week the new Fables issue comes out. Very soon this joy will be doubled with the beginning of Fairest, the recently announced spin-off series! This week we have a Fables review, art from Fairest #1 and a rather sad update on the Werewolves Of The Heartland HC!

Written by: Bill Willingham
Art by Marl Buckingham (Inks by Steve Leialoha)

Inherit The Wind, Chapter One: The fall out of the demise of The North Wind is the focus now. His sacrifice has left a void inFables nature and it must be filled. North Wind’s servants have an idea: One of the children of Snow White and Bigby must fill the void! At this point I don’t really think it’s sunk in what exactly is going on but the push to test the children to see which of them is best suited to become the new North Wind is certainly going to lead this story into a very interesting direction. Could Ozma’s prediction of the first born be coming true?
Speaking of Oz… Bufkin is in Oz and continues his mighty quest! This is a fun interlude but, to me, the bigger story is the North Wind replacement.
Word of Mister Dark’s fall has reached Castle Dark and Spratt has increased her weapons training. She feels that the Fables will soon return to reclaim Fabletown and take the Castle and she wants to make sure they get a welcome to make her happy.
Rose Red and some others return to the Farm to see if it might be safe for some of the non-human Fables to return. Their fear is Mister Dark laid some traps in their absence.

This series continues to be the one book I look forward to each and every month. The team here is perfect. Willingham continues to make this interesting and fun while the art of Buckingham and Leialoha bring a certain spark to the look that cannot be topped. Everything moves to smoothly in this series, even the bumps are interesting.
Back to the writing, I love how Willingham is able to move from story to story, moving all four plots along without things getting jumbled. As always, I’m eager to see how these sub-plots play out. The Spratt story is one I’m waiting to pick up.

FAIREST #1 (Preview Art)


At last months San Diego Comic Con Bill Willingham announced the beginning of a second Fables series simply called Fairest. As the title implies, this will focus mostly on the ‘Fairest Of Them All’ characters from the series including Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Rose Red and, of course, Cinderella who will see her miniseries folded into arch in this new ongoing series. The subject of the first story was covered in last month’s Storytime review along with the first look at the cover for Fairest #1.

The cover, shown here is absolutely gorgeous and done by the great Adam Hughes(!) is only part of the full cover. According to Willingham, the first issue will feature a wrap around cover and will feature many more of the Fairest that will be in the series.

Also, now available, are the first two pages from the fist issue, uncolored and unlettered but it’s drawn by Phil Jimenez who is handling the art on the first arch! Check them out!



Vertigo recently reported via their blog Graphic Content that the Fables hardcover Werewolves Of The Heartland,Vertigo originally to be released this fall has been postponed until… September 2012?! Ugh, while I’m sure there is a valid reason for it I can’t help but be disappointed in this. The main reason for the story was Bigby finding a new Fabletown. No official reason was given but this makes me wonder if Willingham has changed some things and the story is being pushed back to accommodate the changed timeline for this story. Either way, it is disappointing.

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