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Storytime: Fables Review and Fairest Preview!

Skott Jimenez 02/19/2012 Reviews

Next month sees the release of Fairest #1, an all-new spin off title from the creator of Fables. This month, however, we have a special sneak peek at the first issue, but first… a Fables review!

FABLES #114:
Cubs In Toyland, Part 1 – Finally, and after far too long, we are getting to focus on the Cubs. Not the sports team; no, I’m referring to the offspring of Snow White and Bigby Wolf.  This issue focuses on Winter and Therese.

Winter is still in the world of the North Wind, learning to take her place as the new North Wind. She’s telling her father that she’s Fables, Vertigo, Bill Willinghambeen having nightmares about herself in the future, a future where she is not the nice person she wants to be, and it scares her. Bigby tries to explain to her that she has a choice about what kind of North Wind and person she wants to be, and it seems the North Wind’s servants are concerned about having a timid North Wind. But the other Winds see this as the opportunity they have been waiting for.

The main focus, however, is on Therese. At Christmas she got an odd gift: a toy boat. She feels it isn’t a gift for a girl but doesn’t play with other toys and doesn’t want to give this one away because, as she tells her mother it doesn’t like her to play with other toys.  From the first appearance of this toy it was hinted that there is something more to it and, well, there is. You know something’s not right when a toy boat starts talking to you at night. You know it isn’t a very nice toy boat when it double-talks and guilts a young girl into leaving home and wandering into the woods during the winter to look for a bit of water to ‘play in.’

The third, smaller, story segment here is the Fable’s return to Fabletown. Well, it’s actually Castle Dark and while King Cole and others explore the place they happen upon a girl ‘trapped’ in a dungeon. They don’t recognize her because when they last say the rather mean Nurse Spratt she was rather large. She has her sights set on destroying the Fables and it won’t be pretty.

So, 114 issues and 10 years into this series and Fables is still going strong. While some issues aren’t as action packed as others, the story has been consistent and entertaining since the very first issue. Some have felt the series has suffered after the battle with Mister Dark but you have to have things settle while subtly setting up what’s to come and Bill Willingham does that very well in this series.
It’s also very nice to see the kids get some time to shine and take center stage. I’ve gotten to be familiar with some of them but it would be nice to bring them all into the fold and be as familiar with them as we are with the other characters. My hope is this story will be that chance for them to shine.

So, while Fables is still going strong and continues to be a monthly must read for me, it’s also going to be getting another sister title, almost literally, with next month’s debut of Fairest.  Also written by Willingham with the premier story being drawn by Phil Jimenez and all covers by Adam Hughes, Fairest will focus on the female cast of Fables. The first arch will have Sleeping Beauty and looks fantastic! How fantastic? Well, check out the sneak peek below, courtesy of Graphic Content, the Vertigo blog:


Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fables, Fairest, Bill Willingham

Fairest #1 is due out on March 7!

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